Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th March 2024 Written Episode: Shocking Revelations Unfold!

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

A restaurant is being set up for Vaibhav Vijay, and he will teach him everything. Tanvi says this should happen soon. He says yes, I don’t want to stay with Manoj. Janki asks where Rahul is. He thinks he might have gone to take pictures. Do you have any work? She replies, no, it’s okay, and feels Mauli and Rahul. Rahul and Mauli meet the lawyer.

The lawyer presents the legal notice received at Mauli’s home, pointing out the recipient’s signature, Manas’. Mauli is surprised and wonders why Manas didn’t inform her about this. Rahul intervenes, stating that although Mauli is married to Manas, they separated on their first night together. He accuses the lawyer and Dr Khurana of acting wrongly out of ego, emphasizing that Mauli is unjustly targeted. In a heated argument, Rahul urges Mauli to leave, and they depart from the scene.

When Rahul tells Mauli to fight, she asks if she knows everything about me and Manas. He replies, yes, I have met Manas before. I asked you, but you did not want to talk about him, so I did not ask you and embarrass you. She cries. He says you don’t cry, you make the problems cry, Manas is a big loser to be separated from someone like you. She smiles. He says he has a plan. Dr. Khurana will withdraw his case. She asks how.

They enjoy their tea together. Rahul suggests that they respond to the situation using his approach, asking Mauli if she trusts him. Mauli holds his hand and affirms her trust in Rahul. Pleased, Rahul assures her to leave everything in his hands. Just then, he receives a call from Rohit. Rohit inquires about Rahul’s whereabouts, to which Rahul replies that he’s in Mumbai with Mauli and will return by evening. Rohit mentions that Abhinav uncle wanted to speak with Rahul. Preoccupied, Rahul says he’ll talk to him tomorrow as he’s currently busy. Mauli asks Rahul if he has informed his family about coming to Mumbai. He explains that it wasn’t planned; he just decided to come. Unbeknownst to them, Janki overhears Rohit informing Abhinav about Rahul being in Mumbai with Mauli. Perplexed, she questions Rohit about Rahul’s whereabouts. She is surprised that neither Rahul nor Mauli disclosed this information and wonders about the nature of their relationship.

Mauli acknowledges Rahul’s support, saying he came to help her. Rahul dismisses it as no big deal, stating he’s there to right the wrong. Meanwhile, Janki contemplates Rahul and Mauli’s situation. Observing her distraction, Jyoti inquires about her well-being. Janki assures her that she’s alright. When asked about dinner plans, Janki leaves it to Jyoti’s choice, causing Jyoti some concern. Turning to prayer, Janki reflects on the situation.

Mauli urges Rahul to return to Ujjain, but he questions her ability to handle it alone. She insists she can manage, but Rahul sees it as deceit, emphasizing that it’s their plan and they should confront the issue together. Mauli hesitates, fearing the consequences if their involvement is discovered, anticipating blame from others.

He stops her and says like Manas blamed you, sorry, he’s a big idiot, but not everyone is an idiot like him, so they don’t blame you but support you, it isn’t your mistake. She asks if you disagree. He says no. She says you are stubborn. He says we have one thing in common: come, it’s show time, let’s do this, we’ll be back in the evening. Ajay and Akshay talk.

Vaibhav comes. Akshay gets rude. Vaibhav says you should get help from my dad. He is good at marketing. Give him a chance. It is your profit, not mine. He goes. Akshay says take my advice. One should not trust strangers who pretend to be family. Vaibhav asks if he thinks we’ll take his shop. Ajay says he’s tolerated a lot but can’t trust anyone. Vaibhav says sometimes we should think about our future.

Ajanta makes tea. She says the colour changed, so how could that happen? Tanvi laughs and says Ajanta is making tea with spoilt milk. Swara asks her about it. Tanvi replies that Janki will drink and spit the tea on her face. Swara asks if I should tell her. Tanvi says no, let her suffer. Swara pulls her ears. They laugh and leave.

She tells Manoj the tea colour has changed. He says the milk got spoiled. Ajanta says I didn’t know it. He says I will make tea and keep an eye on the door. She smiles. Suprabha and Vicky come home. Vijay says they should leave if they have come to apologize. Ajay and Akshay also scold them. Suprabha says we didn’t come here to stay. Janki asks Ajanta to make tea for them.

You have pride in your family values, and your pride will break now, Suprabha says. Vijay says you don’t do drama here. He asks Vicky not to reveal his face and get out of there. After seeing your children, Suprabha says Mauli will tell you about Sati Savitri, who acted as Sati Savitri. During the discussion, Manoj asks what you want to say about your Bahu, Suprabha replies, “She is not your Bahu, she is not the bahu of this house.”. Everyone watches.

Janki asks her what nonsense. Suprabha says Manas might have known her significant weakness, so he left her on his first night. Manoj asks what nonsense? You need to stop making stories about her, he says. They have some issues; it’s their issue, and you have no right to comment on them.

Suprabha says that the girl is between Manas and Mauli. She asks Vicky to show his phone. She shows Manas and Aashna’s video. She recalls spotting Manas and making a video to take revenge. Everyone is shocked as they listen to Manas telling them that I ended my relationship with Mauli on the first night.

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