Mehndi Wala Ghar 24th January 2024 Written Episode: Mauli Faces Tough Choices, Manoj’s Journey to Redemption Begins!

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Manoj saying I must go home and apologize to Janki. Janki says he’ll get insulted if he comes here. His wife tells him that his family won’t forgive him. When Janki blesses Mauli, her life will get better. Janki says I will never forgive Manoj. Mauli says my heart says they’ll forgive you, so I’ll come with you. She scolds her son.

Mauli tells Manoj that loved ones are the only ones who can truly upset us. She wishes him a speedy recovery and suggests they visit a specific place once he’s feeling better. Janki playfully mentions that he will face the consequences of his actions. Mauli smiles at the thought. After three days, she meets her boss and says she cannot take the job. He reminds her that she signed a contract and urges her to join after two days. She apologizes and explains that there is a family emergency. Despite his warning about breaching the agreement, he insists that she must join or risk losing her medical license. However, Mauli firmly states that she cannot commit due to personal circumstances, expressing regret for any inconvenience caused. In the end, she leaves without taking up the job offer.

Neha asks why you are ruining your career. Mauli says I must go with Manoj because he has always fulfilled all my wishes, so I must fulfill his wish by taking him to Ujjain. When she returns home, she sees her mangalsutra and recalls Manas. She prepares. She says that your reports are fine, so have some sweets. He says I will have sweets when Janki forgives me and blesses me.

As Ajanta brings Manas home, Mauli watches. Janki punishes her Bahu. She says she won’t let Akshay make the same mistake as Manoj. Ajanta asks why you promised. I told you it wasn’t wise to take him to Ujjain. Mauli says we have decided. Think good. He wants to go there. Manas says the patient gets treated with medicine. She says he will be happy there.

Mauli is shocked. Janki says Akshay won’t do the rasam; Nanhe will. Akshay is shocked. Manas says I’m his son, not you, so don’t worry; I’ll handle this. Sign the marriage annulment papers and our marriage will be annulled. You’re free. Don’t snatch this right from Akshay. Bade Papa says Akshay must also do his son’s duty. Manas tells Mauli, you can go anywhere, you’re independent, you don’t spoil a family. Mauli gets sad. She remembers Manoj. Manas says sign this, I won’t take Dad to Ujjain. Mauli scolds him.

Mauli signs the papers and announces that she will be taking Manoj to Ujjain. Ajanta urges her not to inform them about Manas’ departure and not to play the victim. Mauli agrees while Ajanta adds that if anything happens to Manoj, Mauli will have to end her relationship with him. This revelation shocks Mauli, and Ajanta promises that she will leave the house if she can’t attain forgiveness for Manoj. Bade Papa approaches Nanhe, who reveals that Akshay has made a big mistake. Meanwhile, Manoj arrives in Ujjain and is flooded with memories of the past. Mauli’s smile brightens at his arrival, though he fails to notice any of his family members.


Nanhe blesses Manoj. Janki scolds Mauli. Mauli returns home.

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