Mehndi Wala Ghar 16th April 2024 Written Episode: Rahul’s Recovery and Mauli’s Confession

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 16th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode began with urgency as Manoj insisted they go to the hospital immediately. They hurried there together, where Mauli took charge of treating Rahul. Vijay, filled with emotion, questioned Ajanta about the accident’s details. Tearfully, she recounted everything. Vijay pleaded with Manoj to save Rahul, and amidst the tension, Manoj reassured him, acknowledging Rahul as his son. Inside the operating theater, Manoj joined Mauli, who was visibly distraught at Rahul’s condition. He reminded her of the importance of maintaining composure for the patient’s sake. Together, they worked to treat Rahul, with Mauli assisting Manoj throughout the procedure.

Janki says it is time for us to pray while Manoj and Mauli are doing their work. They go to the temple and pray for Rahul. Manoj and Mauli check Rahul. Manoj says he is fine, don’t worry. Keeping Rahul’s hand, Mauli says, “I have lost a lot in my life, but I cannot lose you. I cannot live without you.” Rahul wakes up and says Mauli… She wonders if he heard her. She asks how you are feeling.

Mauli, he says, you’ve been talking. She says nothing; you should rest. I will tell everyone when you get conscious. I have to say something. Tell me, did I hear anything wrong? Just tell me once. He says, “I love you.” He says, “I love you too.” They hug and smile. Baatein kuch ankahee si…plays… Mauli imagines this. Rahul says he’s okay. Mauli leaves. Everyone comes and meets Rahul.

Manoj prevents Ajanta from leaving, but Mauli confirms that Rahul is safe. Jyoti mentions that she overheard Mauli’s love for Rahul when they were together. However, Mauli denies it. Jyoti encourages her to embrace her feelings for Rahul. Meanwhile, Swara tries to calm Ajanta down and offers to talk to Manoj on her behalf. As Jyoti hugs Mauli, she reveals that Rahul also reciprocates her feelings. Despite this, Mauli is unsure about their relationship since he is Manas’ cousin, and others may not accept their love. Jyoti reassures her that since she isn’t Manas’ wife, there shouldn’t be any boundaries in her love for Rahul. She advises her to move on from Manas and start a new chapter in her life with Rahul.

Ajanta hugs Swara. Swara says Manoj’s heart is clear, he doesn’t keep anything in his heart, so I will convince him to come home. Mauli hugs Swara. Rahul is out of danger, says Manoj. Tanvi wants to take Rahul home. Manoj says yes. Golu says it’s Ram Navami, Rahul is coming home, let’s do something to welcome him. He explains his idea.

Rohit goes to Rahul. He says everyone has left home. Rahul asks what. Rohit says they’re bored. Rahul gets upset. Rahul returns home and says his family left him alone. They all welcome him and surprise him. He stumbles. Mauli holds him tightly.


Manoj refuses to forgive Ajanta. Mauli says I will leave the house with Ajanta.

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