Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Confronts Family Turmoil

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 8th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi reprimanding both Vandana and Mrunal, explicitly targeting her insults at Vandana. She questions Kunal for not heeding her advice and instead supports Vandana. Pammi blames Vandana for the situation, while Kunal tries to console her. Guneet interjects, pointing out that Bobby and Mrunal’s actions caused this mess, not Vandana or her family. Despite Guneet’s attempts to diffuse the situation, Pammi insists there is no point in discussing it further as she is deeply troubled by what has transpired. Mrunal defends herself, but Vandana shuts her down and scolds her angrily. She adds, “How dare you!” before berating Mrunal.

The decision to marry was ours. Vandana scolds him, too. Kunal slaps him. Kunal asks why you did this. Bobby says because we love each other. Pammi says you did right, Mrunal is also responsible, slap him too. Kunal says it’s her good luck because she’s a girl, so I can’t stoop so low as to hit her. Pammi goes to slap Mrunal. Bobby says we love each other. He stops Mrunal. Kunal asks if you love her. Mrunal is a selfish girl, but Bobby says I do love her.

It is evident that Kunal doesn’t deserve love; she is stupid, cheats, is not loyal to her family, and will not stay in contact with you, as I have explained. He scolds Mrunal and Bobby. Bobby says you don’t talk to Kunal like this; you won’t give your wrong opinion or speak to her like this. Vandana says you can’t talk to Kunal this way. Pammi says you don’t scold Bobby, and you scold Mrunal. Bobby says Mom, don’t blame Mrunal.

In an argument with them, he defends Mrunal and asks them to be patient with him. Guneet says who does such things? You married without telling us. Bobby asks if you would have let this marriage happen if I told you. Pammi says Vandana, you knew everything. Kunal says relax Bua. Vandana cries. According to him, no one knew about them. Vandana says I knew it since I saw them close to each other and scolded and warned them, and I was going to tell you.

Bobby made me swear that I shouldn’t tell you, and they both promised me he wouldn’t do this again, so I didn’t tell you, Bobby, I told you, I can’t hide anything from Kunal, tell them, yes or no. Vandana says I trusted you, yet you broke my promise and trust. Kunal asks about my faith. She says I tried to handle it. He scolds her.

He states that you arrived here as Tara’s mother, not as my wife or the bahu of this house, and therefore, you have no authority to make decisions for my family. Vandana responded that she was going to inform you. Pammi interjects, claiming it was her plan. Vandana insists on being trusted. He then accuses her of breaking their trust and declares they will never accept Mrunal and Bobby’s relationship. As Vijay approaches with the rest of the family, he affirms this sentiment. Vijay demands Mrunal be removed from the premises immediately and offers to do it himself, stating that she deserves it and will only bring chaos into their home. He makes it clear that he will not accept this marriage.

In Pammi’s words, Mrunal, your father doesn’t accept this relationship. We won’t tolerate you. Vijay scolds him. He says, “I told you, Vandana, don’t keep her. She is a snake. You supported her this time, so I’m right.” Bobby says enough, our relationship will not get wrong if you say, “Matter is over” Kunal says no, matter will start now, end this relationship or break ties with this house, get out now. Bobby says Mrunal is my wife, and I won’t leave her.

It’s okay, Kunal says. Bobby says we won’t go anywhere, you won’t forgive me if you find me wrong, Kunal and I know we love each other, I want to call her baby my name, I don’t think it’s wrong. Kunal pulls Bobby. Pammi says this is because of Vandana. Bobby says I won’t. Kunal says you have to. They argue. Kunal says you have to.

Vandana sobs as Bobby firmly states, “I know I’m right. I won’t base my actions on your opinion. Your thoughts are incorrect.” He debates with an unwavering conviction, urging Pammi to understand his side. “You constantly compare me to Kunal. While he is a great guy I love, I am also my own person.” He explains that he will always love Kunal and acknowledges their indebtedness towards Pammi but refuses to leave because of her potential to remove them. Bobby implores Vandana to speak up and assure him that if he isn’t a good match for her, he will accept Mrunal’s unborn child and prioritize her happiness. Conversely, Vijay speaks his mind, declaring Bobby’s goodness without a doubt and recognizing his love for Mrunal but reiterating that she is unworthy of him as she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings and only uses him for personal gain. In other words, she will deceive him in the end.


Vandana is upset with Bobby. He says Kunal is selfish, not Mrunal. Kunal says Vandana, I will never forgive you. Vandana picks up the fallen ring.

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