Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the first scene, Kunal calls Vandana and asks her to hold on. I’m coming. He rushes. He says Tara shouldn’t pay for my mistake. Vandana reaches Tara. She says she can’t stop now, and she climbs a ladder. He asks why you told Vandana everything. It’s my life, my baby. I’ll decide what to do.

Bobby says don’t do this. I have already left my house, everyone hates me, I can’t bother Vandana anymore, I don’t have anyone with me. He says I’m with you. She says I can’t raise the child alone. She gets dizzy. He asks her to sit. Vandana gets hurt. She says no, Tara needs me to get up.

When she looks inside the window, she sees Tara’s water bottle. She says it means Inder kidnapped Tara. If anything happens to Tara, she won’t leave him. Tara is locked in the room. Vandana might be looking for me, sorry Vandana Maa, I miss you and dad.

The men argue and block the road. Kunal shouts getaway. Kunal leaves the car and runs. Bobby asks Mrunal to stop crying. Mrunal asks how he will handle this baby all their life, and he wishes someone would kill him. As Bobby hugs her, he says, “Don’t say that again; you’re not alone. I’m right there with you and take care of you.”

Atya asks Vaani if she knows Vijay. Vaani holds her head. She doesn’t remember anything. I won’t lie. I feel connected to this house. I feel dizzy when I try to recall. Atya warns her not to hurt herself by trying to recall. She holds her head as Vaani says she has to recall. She can’t forget it. She has to remember her past, what connects us, like I have been here before. Pammi argues with her.

Anagha arrives with the vegetables, instructing Pammi to sit while taking a dig at her. Feeling guilty, Anagha apologizes but demands Pammi to apologize in front of Vandana and Kunal before being forgiven. She then takes Vaani home. Atya, who had been talking to Vaani before being interrupted by Anagha’s arrival, feels that Vaani is connected to them and promises to inform Vandana upon her return. Wondering where Vandana is as it is getting late, she spots Inder and Sonia together. Inder asks Sonia if she is happy now, to which she smiles and holds onto his hand. He fears her leaving him again, but Sonia reassures him she will never.

Vandana is taken aback. She asks what their togetherness implies. Sonia reveals they will be heading to London soon, the three of them. He agrees, with the condition that Tara should not come between them anymore and instead be relocated to a reputable hostel. Sonia recollects her plan to show Kunal and Vandana that she emerged victorious in their battle as she takes Tara to meet them. Inder adds in agreement. She expresses her gratitude for his forgiveness and acceptance. He responds by apologizing for the pain he caused her, admitting he loves her dearly.

Even though Tara will be with us, Kunal and Vandana will be left behind. Vandana says Sonia lost all respect in my eyes today; she can’t even be called a mother or a woman. Once we board the flight, I will complete my revenge. As Vandana gets angry, she says, “You will see what a mother can do. I promised you I would never let her go away, and no one can stop me from doing so.”

Inder says we’ll finish our work, then take a flight. Sonia asks if Tara is safe here and if someone will reach her. He says no, Kunal and Vandana would never think you would get Tara here. Sonia says yes, so I made this plan. Vandana gets down. They hear some sounds. Vandana hides. Kunal runs. Inder says don’t worry, cats are here. Vandana says a lioness has arrived.


Vandana enters the house. Sonia says we forgot the papers at home. Tara says Maa. Kunal runs on the road. Vandana says I’ll try to open the lock. Kunal falls. Sonia and Inder come home. Vandana leaves.

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