Udne Ki Aasha 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Disappearance Causes Panic

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Udne Ki Aasha 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Juhi asking Sayali to go to the parlor. Shubha and Juhi insist she go. Sayali and her friends, Shweta and Neelam, leave. They see the goons’ car. Sachin is coming there. Sayali leaves in the other car. Sachin calls Juhi and asks her to send Sayali. She says someone picked Sayali just now. He says I don’t know; I just came. She goes to Sachin. She says someone came to pick up Sayali; how will we find her?

Sachin jokes on Sayali. She says I’m in tension. She calls Sayali. Shubha takes the call and says Sayali forgot the phone here. Sachin says I will find her and leaves. Juhi says Sayali accidentally went in some other car and doesn’t know where she is. Shubha cries and prays for Sayali. Juhi says don’t worry; Sachin has gone to find her. Tejas is on the way. Paresh asks where you are. Tejas says I’m reaching. Paresh says come soon for aarti. Renu gets angry and asks why Paresh is giving respect to those cheap people.

Shakuntala asks her to forget it. Tejas comes there and sees Sayali and his pic on the banner. Paresh asks him just to come. Renu says no one came here to welcome Tejas. Aaji says a girl’s family has a lot of work. Tejas, have patience; look at your dad; he has kept his marriage for 40 years. Paresh jokes on Renu. Shubha welcomes Tejas and does his aarti. Akash asks Tejas to come. He shows the royal suite for Tejas. Tejas checks it and says I will stay where I want, not here. He goes to another room and finds a big window there. He thinks I can run away from the balcony.

Paresh comes. Akash says finally, Tejas liked this room, take rest. He goes. Paresh says I booked the available hall. Sachin follows the cab and gets angry at the driver. He scolds the man for his impaired driving. The man says I have work, go. Sachin says come out. He sees Sayali. He says I was looking for you, come and sit in my car, I will drop you. He argues with the man. The man asks him to get away. Sachin threatens him. Sayali doesn’t listen. He calls Juhi and asks her to talk to Sayali. Sayali talks to Juhi. Juhi says you have gone in the wrong taxi. Go with Sachin. She insists.

Sayali and her friends go to Sachin’s car. The man asks Sachin for some money. Sachin gives him some money and goes. Sudhakar calls the man and asks about Sayali. The man says the original cab driver came and took her. Sudhakar says come back, I have to do something now. Sayali goes to the parlor. Her friends ask Sachin to go and have food. She says we need 2 hours. He says I don’t have much time; just go and come, and I will take the waiting charge and go.

Akash and Juhi smile when they see each other. They argue. He asks about Sayali. She jokes. Sachin sees Sayali coming. He stares at her. Shehnai…plays… He compliments her. She says we shall go now.

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