Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2024 Written Episode: Jasbir’s Plot Unravels, RV and Poorvi’s Wedding Chaos!

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The Episode starts with Palki stopping Poorvi and expressing her joy over her upcoming marriage to RV. In a calm tone, she confides in Poorvi that there is something amiss and urges her to prepare to flee. With a swift move, she uncovers Jasbir’s veil, prompting Prachi to recognize him as Jasbir. Palki questions if he is indeed Jasbir before pushing them both away and making a run for it with Poorvi. Unfortunately, Jasbir and Tiger caught them. But just in time, Shaurya arrives on the scene and boldly confronts their captors. He fights fiercely with Tiger and Jasbir, but they eventually overpower him and begin to strike him.

Shaurya shoves them before proceeding to attack them physically. Upon noticing the commotion, Shanaya rushes to the scene and declares her intention to contact the police. She reaches out to report the incident while Jasbir and Tiger flee in an attempt to escape justice. Palki then reminds everyone about Poorvi’s previous warning regarding Jasbir’s bad character. Just as RV arrives at the location, Shanaya urges Poorvi not to disclose anything yet and risk ruining her marriage because of Jasbir’s actions. RV inquires if everything is fine, only for Shaurya to announce their departure. However, RV insists that they stay until the wedding ceremony concludes. Palki implores RV to ensure his future wife is treated well and congratulates the couple on their upcoming marriage. She also requests RV to allow her to accompany him, prompting him to take Poorvi with him as they leave together.

RV and Poorvi arrive. Harman tells Harleen not to worry and says nothing wrong will happen. Dadi comes and says he troubles me a lot. Dadu asks who, you? She says yes. He dances with Dadi on the song main nikla gaddi leke….. everyone cheers for them. Pandit ji asks them to come to the havan kund now to light the fire. Watching from outside, Jasbir becomes angry.

Jasbir knocks on the door of someone’s house. Tiger asks why we came here, and Jasbir says he will not let Poorvi marry RV. Khushboo opens the door. Jasbir asks Khushboo if she knows Prachi? Khushboo says she helped someone. Jasbir asks her to bless Poorvi and him forever. She blesses him, but Jasbir tells her not to come here.

As RV and Poorvi make their rounds, a group of eunuchs appears. Poorvi reveals that RV is Jassi. Disturbed by this news, RV demands that they stop dancing and exposes Jasbir as the one in the saree. The truth causes shock among everyone present. Ashok declares that Jasbir will not get away with this. The crowd insists on lifting the veil to confirm his identity, but Jasbir explains it is part of an annual ritual and refuses to do so. An agitated RV warns him to show his face or leave. As tensions rise, Ashok threatens to call the police while RV’s Chacha demands an explanation from the eunuchs. Vikrant suggests throwing them out, but Dadu reminds everyone not to ruin the special occasion.

Harman announces that he will be calling the police. Khushboo graciously unveils herself, revealing that she is one of their own. Vishaka confirms her identity as Khushboo. Prachi is surprised to see Khushboo and addresses her with respect. Khushboo assures them that no one has offended or disrespected them. She explained that they had come to this event because Prachi had kindly assisted their dear Mausami, and they wanted to bless her daughter in return. She mentions that they will now take their leave. Poorvi humbly apologizes for mistaking them for someone else due to the veil. Everyone takes turns apologizing and asks for their blessings for the couple. RV’s Chachi also joins in and requests their blessings for the newlyweds.

Harman insists that everyone should dance until the wedding rounds are completed. Jasbir clarified the misunderstanding and suggested dancing in the meantime. He throws gulaal in the air and into the havan kund while Poorvi and RV are taking rounds, creating smoke in the area. As Poorvi coughs, RV supports her by holding her hand. Jasbir steps out and tells Tiger that Poorvi has become shameless by allowing RV to hold her hand. Tiger suggests leaving Poorvi, but Jasbir insists she is his life and expresses his determination to marry her, promising to make every effort. He urges Tiger to affirm that he will kidnap Poorvi from the mandap, and after some hesitation, Tiger complies loudly at Jasbir’s insistence.


Poorvi is kidnapped by Jasbir and taken to the car. Rajveer sees Jasbir taking Poorvi in the car and tells RV that his bride has been taken. Prachi is shocked to hear this.

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