Agnisakshi 24th July 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Narayan expressing his desire to see a smile on Jeevika’s face. Shlok assures him that soon, his sister-in-law’s dream will come true. Satik signals him to stop talking. Rajnandini checks on Jeevika’s well-being and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Jeevika assures them that she is fine. Narayan takes the blame for assuming things wrongly. Jeevika ponders how to keep her family in the dark about her secret. Just then, Sukanya calls her and she answers it. Sukanya asks if she is okay, to which Jeevika responds by saying that she hasn’t lied since childhood, and now has to hide something significant from her family.

Satvik brings her tea and asks her not to drink it fast, like she had breakfast. Jeevika surprises him by drinking hot tea. She tells him she will go meet Aai. Satvik asks her if she is worried about half a dozen kids and says when we mess up the raita, we’ll handle it. Pradeep asks Pallavi what happened. Pallavi murmurs she doesn’t want Jeevika to return. She asks him to go to his college and then to his office.

Rajnandini calls Pallavi and tells her not to do anything wrong, else Tata bye-bye. Pradeep asks her not to do anything wrong, and tata bye bye. Rajnandini blackmails Pallavi, telling her to put all the blame on herself and then think what her husband will do to her if she doesn’t agree. Pallavi agrees, but Rajnandini threatens her and ends the call.

Satvik, Manas, and Shlok are informed about Jeevika’s fantasy, and Swara and Shlok argue. Satvik tells them he has found the solution. Juhi arrives. Satvik stops explaining his plan. Jeevika approaches Sukanya. She asked how she could be fine after what you said. Sukanya says it was my helplessness. Pallavi says Aai has to lie for her happiness. Jeevika says she can’t be fine after what you said. She says you have to lie big to get rid of your burden.

Sukanya says they got them married so they could save Narayan’s life. Jeevika says they are doing wrong with them because they kept me as a daughter, not a daughter-in-law. Jeevika says marrying on a lie is a curse. Pallavi says it is a blessing. When Juhi taunts Swara, she fires at her. Shlok, Swara, and Manas tell her they will leave then. Satvik says he will go with the majority. Juhi leaves.

Pallavi explains that not everyone is fortunate enough to receive what she has and encourages her to be grateful for her good fortune. Jeevika questions whether she should feel happy at the cost of betraying Baba and Satvik. Pallavi reminds her that their actions were for Jeevika’s benefit. Jeevika inquires about anyone else’s involvement in the plan. She confesses that only she knows about it and expresses her disbelief in having a life beyond her wildest dreams. Pallavi assures her that she will have everything she desires by keeping their secret. Jeevika acknowledges that she now has everything she could have never imagined, with a well on one side and a valley on the other.

Pallavi says you can’t blame us; there’s just money and happiness everywhere. Jeevika says I’m not blaming anyone, and only I am responsible for this. She slaps herself. Sukanya stops her. Jeevika says I’ll slap myself more, and she doesn’t know how many people’s hopes will be shattered. Pallavi encourages her to accept the truth and move forward.

Pallavi asks Jeevika what you are saying. Jeevika says I have to accept it before I can say anything else. Jeevika says I’ll tell Satvik and his family everything. Pallavi and Sukanya advise her not to tell anyone, especially Satvik. To avoid seeing her dead face, Sukanya asks her not to tell Satvik. She says I have to tell him.


In Jeevika’s dream place, Satvik shows her fireflies and says that angels wanted such a place where there is moonlight. He then proposes to her.

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