Agnisakshi 21st July 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Rajnandini pleading with Jeevika, asking her to consider the happiness of the house. Concerned, Jeevika urges her to sit down and explains that she doesn’t understand what Rajnandini is doing. Rajnandini expresses her frustration, revealing that everyone believes her life is perfect and happy when, in reality, it is filled with sorrow. She confides in Jeevika that the entire household is eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new baby, and she feels guilty for not being able to fulfill their expectations. However, Jeevika reassures her that even if those hopes are not met, it does not mean they do not value or appreciate Rajnandini. From a different perspective, Rajnandini then asks Jeevika how she would feel if Aai told her she couldn’t bear an heir for the family. She questions whether this is simply a twist of fate or if the house has been cursed with incomplete daughters-in-law.

Shlok contacts Swara for assistance, and he connects him with Pradeep. Upon hearing Shlok’s request, Pradeep invites them to their house, and they wait outside. Upon arrival, Shlok reveals that Satvik wishes to propose to Jeevika, and they could use Swara’s advice. Prompted by Pradeep, they enter the house, and Swara agrees to meet them outside. As they brainstorm ideas for Satvik’s proposal, Jeevika feels inadequate for not being able to fulfill their expectations. Rajnandini offers to ask something, and Jeevika expresses her disappointment in being unable to provide for the family before promising to fulfill their desires.

Rajnandini informs Jeevika that she will arrive later and expresses her hesitation in making a request. However, upon Jeevika’s insistence, Rajnandini discloses that she cannot provide a baby for the family despite marrying Satvik for his father’s happiness. She explains that Shlok is too young to marry, and this issue will persist until Jeevika becomes the daughter-in-law. Jeevika agrees with Rajnandini’s assessment. Swara then reveals Jeevika’s long-standing dream of joining the family and her struggles since they incurred debt. Satvik reminisces about how Jeevika had to sacrifice watching cartoons due to their financial difficulties and asserts that she will not be making any more sacrifices. Finally, in response to Rajnandini’s words, Jeevika acknowledges her understanding but declares that she cannot leave the house.

Jeevika’s revelation takes Rajnandini aback. She reminds Jeevika of her promise to their father not to leave Satvik and expresses her concern for not wanting to cause him pain. She assures Jeevika that she will be honest with Satvik from now on. However, Rajnandini becomes upset and labels Jeevika as a source of trouble for her. She argues that if anything goes wrong, Satvik will blame himself even if he is not at fault. Jeevika defends herself, stating that the accident was not caused by her presence in the house but by unfortunate circumstances. Rajnandini softens up and acknowledges Jeevika’s positive impact on the family, adding that she did not intend to hurt her feelings before leaving with a sneer.

Pallavi asks Sukanya in the kitchen if she has seen a bad dream. Sukanya says she is thinking about Jeevika. Pallavi says Jeevika must be sleeping on the velvet bed. Sukanya says if Jeevika tells Satvik about it. We will go in the morning. Pallavi says she can’t refuse her Aai.

As Satvik enters the room, he notices Jeevika silently shedding tears. Assuming she’s asleep, he explains that Manas caused him to be late and confesses his commitment to fulfilling her every desire. He adds that he cannot fathom living without her and begins to say something before stopping himself, not wanting her snoring to interrupt his heartfelt words. Determined to propose specially, he leaves the room. Jeevika rises from her slumber and reflects on their inability to meet despite being closer than ever before, concluding that perhaps they are not meant to be together.


He then bends down on his knees and proposes to Jeevika, showing her the ring in a place that Jeevika desires and frees the fireflies from the jar.

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