Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2024 Written Episode | Intriguing Events Unfold at the Wedding

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It starts with Pandit ji asking for Kumkum. They look for it at the mandap. Harleen asks Yug to bring it, and Manpreet says we have it. Divya says we have extra. Prachi says she will get it and leaves. Ashok and Manpreet recall the days when Prachi was Prachi’s bahu. Manpreet misses Ashok. Jasbir plays dhol there as an eunuch and sprinkles water on everyone, saying he is performing shuddhikaran. Dada ji asks Vikrant to take him outside.

Jasbir pours water on everyone, saying it’s Kul Devi temple water. Then he drops the Kalash in the havan kund, shocking everyone. Pandit ji tells him this is unlucky. Vishaka asks Poorvi and RV to dry their clothes. Harman asks Yug to take the eunuchs out. Yug takes them out. Prachi hears Ranbir on the phone and says Ranbir. Ranbir hears her and looks for her but does not see her.

He is also looking for Prachi, but he is nowhere to be found. Jasbir and his guard enter the room. Diya says your clothes are wet, so she gives him a saree to wear. Jasbir refuses, but she insists and gives him the saree, stating it will suit his figure. Jasbir wears the saree in the washroom. His guard asks her to give it to him. Diya gives him the saree, and he takes it. Jasbir says it is physique and not figure.

RV comes to the room to clean his clothes. He is about to see Khushi, but Yug comes there and mentions that he saw men wearing sarees. He says something big is going on, but RV says they are kinnars. Diya comes to Poorvi and gives her a hair dryer, saying she helped them. Jasbir comes there as an eunuch and tells her that her mother is crying, stands outside, and asks Poorvi to come. Diya says Poorvi will bring Maa and asks her to come here.

He believes Poorvi is innocent to believe him and tells her that anyone can learn from him. I asked why Poorvi didn’t like him, and he said sometimes she was like Jhansi ki rani, and sometimes she was so innocent as a cow. When Palki comes and calls Poorvi, Jasbir gets upset because he is about to make her smell chloroform, and he thinks they will soon unite. He puts the chloroform on the handkerchief, and he is about to make her smell it.

Poorvi asks Palki, where are you going alone? Jasbir asks if we are not humans. Palki says I haven’t seen you before, so I asked. Poorvi says Maa is crying in the garden area. Tiger says something. Jasbir says her mother is crying there. Palki asks if you saw her mother there. Jasbir says yes. Palki notices their feet and tells Poorvi to stop.


RV asks the Eunuchs to stop the drama and tells everyone they are not Eunuchs but Jasbir. He asks them to move the veil and show their faces.

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