Anupama 17th November 2023 Written Episode: Romil’s Joy and Baa’s Health Crisis

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Romil inquires if Choti will apply tika to him at Shah House. After receiving an affirmative response, Romil mentions the gift he promised her. Curious, Choti asks who the gift is from. Romil then proceeds to open the box and discovers a letter inside. The arrival of Anuj and Anupama is accompanied by applause as they congratulate Romil on his achievement- being accepted into Boston University. Anupama reveals that it was his father’s doing, which prompts Ankush to join in the celebration and remind Romil of how it was always his dream. Overwhelmed with emotion, Romil expresses his gratitude towards his father and apologizes for assuming things from only one perspective and not seeing him as a good brother and father like he is.

As Akush gets emotional, she thanks him, saying it means a lot. Romil tells him that he initially didn’t intend to stay with the family and in this house, but they seem like a family to him. He says he doesn’t want to leave this family, prays to Kanha ji to fulfill his other wish, and says nobody shall break this house. Barkha and Malti Devi are upset that they must go to Shah house, so Anuj says Anupama and I will leave first to buy something on the way.

It was just two months after Samar left, and you are romancing Tapish. Baa blames Dimpy for romancing him. Dimpy asks what did I do? Baa says you are both on your way to the door closer. Dimpy says you have attacks on even days and are normal on odd days. He said the door was jammed, so he was opening it. She says she didn’t want to send her outside, but she went to Anupama’s house because nobody could stop you. She says this romance won’t happen if you don’t stay at home.

Babu ji mentions that Dimpy is employed to assist us. Kavya reveals that Dimpy is striving for financial independence to provide for her child. Toshu and Kinjal clarify that Tapish also works there and denies any wrongdoing. Baa doubts, but Anupama trusts her daughter-in-law and accuses Dimpy of seeking another man within two months. This causes Dimpy to break down in tears. Just then, Anupama and Anuj arrive. Dimpy embraces Anupama and insists she did nothing wrong; she only opened the door for a guest. Anupama assures Baa that she is mistaken about Dimpy’s intentions.

Baa says Dimpy will be home now and won’t go anywhere. Dimpy says I didn’t do anything and asks her to stop. Baa asks if I had been closer to Tapish in the academy. Dimpy says I just opened the door and nothing else. Baa asks if such things fit a widow. In her statement, Anupama asks Baa not to use that widow, says the door gets stuck quite a bit, and I have called the security guard to open it and asks you to connect my name to him. She says that she fully trusts her.

Kavya, Babu ji, Baa, Anupama, and Dimpy, it is clear that you have misunderstood her. Kavya suggests that people are more inclined to taunt rather than you. Babu ji reassures us not to lose her spirit. Baa raises a concern about what could happen if she leaves. Anupama points out that deciding to move on is entirely up to Dimpy. Baa insists that such things don’t occur in this household. However, Anupama reminds everyone that she and Vanraj have been married twice. Baa clarifies that Dimpy will not be leaving the house under any circumstances. But Dimpy warns Baa that if she persists with this behavior, she will be forced to leave. She also notes how everyone is aware of Baa’s regressive ways, yet nobody has been able to stop her from behaving this way.

Kavya urges her to calm down while Baa instructs Dimpy to give Samar’s baby and depart from the room. Distraught, Dimpy questions how they could even consider separating a mother from her child. She then accuses Baa of being “cheap” and lacking a sense of morality. Baa retaliates by questioning why Dimpy would choose to leave, to which Dimpy responds that everyone is abandoning them because of Baa’s actions. Anuj intervenes and tells Dimpy to cease her remarks. Baa, feeling guilty, admits that she is in the wrong and suddenly faints, collapsing onto the floor. Anupama rushes to her aid and ultimately catches her before she falls.

Romil informs everyone that Anuj uncle called and said that Baa fainted. Choti asks if anything will happen to her. Ankush says she won’t. Barkha tells Malti Devi that Anupama appears to be taking over their house.

The doctor examines Baa and inquires about what happened. They inform the doctor that her BP has increased drastically. The doctor advises them to monitor their BP regularly before leaving. Babu ji is filled with worry for Baa, while Dimpy feels guilty for giving her the wrong medicine. Anupama tells Babu ji to rest, but he insists on staying by Baa’s side, afraid she will leave him if he leaves. Anupama reassures him that Baa loves their family and won’t leave them. However, Babu ji is doubtful as Samar has already left, followed by other family members. He sadly remarks that only Kavya will be left with them now. Kinjal brings Pari and places her hand on Baa’s, while Kavya promises to care for them all.

Anupama takes her out while Anuj informs her that he will join them. She then requests him to handle their household matters. He agrees and assures her that he will return in the evening and let her know if she needs anything. He also consoles Babu ji and reminds him that they are all there for each other before leaving. As a result, Anupama experiences a peculiar ache. Meanwhile, Kinjal undoes the tags on Baa’s belongings and shares with Toshu their change of plans to stay. This sudden switch of decision takes aback Toshu after convincing him earlier.

If Samar had been here, we could have left, but if we go, something will happen to Baa, Kinjal says. If anything is destined to happen, it will happen even if we are here. Dimpy hears them and says Bhabhi cares for the family and doesn’t want to go while you want to leave. Toshu blames her for Baa’s condition, but Dimpy says it’s not my mistake. Anupama arrives, says she will take care of her Baa and Babu Ji, and asks them to leave.

Bringing the tray, Anupama makes tea and coffee. She gives Babu Ji tea and checks Baa’s blood pressure. Anupama gives tea to Kinjal and Toshu. Kavya talks to Vanraj and says everybody is fine here. She asks if he is fine and ends the call. Dimpy hugs Samar’s photo frame and cries. Anupama calms her down. Anuj takes care of Choti and spends time with her. They talk to Anupama on video call.

When Akush asks Barkha what is bothering her, she says you don’t want him to remain here, and now you have the same problem. She says much money will be spent. Ankush says that even the exact amount will be spent on Sara. Barkha says she is our daughter. Ankush says Romil is his son. Barkha says it’s illegitimate. Ankush says he’s mine. After talking to Sara, he says he has no problem. He asks her to end the matter, as his son is leaving the house soon.

When Anupama thinks of what has happened, she is about to fall. Anuj holds her hand and tells her to rest at home. Anuj asks who will take care of her. Anupama hugs him.


The doctor tells Anupama that Baa’s condition is severe, since her heart isn’t pumping blood and her blood pressure spikes, which are dangerous for her health. She needs proper care instead of treatment, the doctor says. When Kinjal and Toshu are about to leave, Baa comes out and says you want to go without me. Kinjal hugs Baa and cries.

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