Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Episode | Tensions Rise as Tragic Events Unfold

Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aradhana urging Vivek to wake up, worried that Reyansh will be lost without him. She reminds him that he has always acted out of love for his son, even if he believed hatred was the strongest emotion. Reyansh calls out for his dad while Aradhana desperately pleads for Vivek to wake up. She confesses her love for Reyansh and how she cannot bear losing him. Finally, Vivek regains consciousness after Aradhana pumps his heart, and she asks with concern if he is alright. Reyansh watches on with relief and remembers his father’s words before leaving the scene. Meanwhile, Viren wonders where Reyansh has disappeared.

Kadambari responds that she is unsure, as she has been attempting to reach Vivek and Reyansh. Malini watches on and reminds Viren and Kadambari to avoid unnecessary commotion. Komal arrives at the door and reassures Kimaya that everything is under control. Despite this, Kimaya refuses to emerge until Reyansh returns. Malini acknowledges Kimaya’s status as a public figure and points out the presence of both fans and reporters waiting for her. She suggests that Kimaya decide her next course of action, while instructing Viren to handle her needs first. Malini subsequently leaves the room, stating that Aradhana was previously with her.

Kriti tells Aradhana to inquire about her. Aradhana questions Vivek about his actions. He explains that he has influenced Reyansh’s behavior. She pleads with him not to repeat his mistakes. As they witness Reyansh leaving, he implores her to save Kimaya.

Meanwhile, Viren reprimands the gossiping guests and demands that they leave immediately. Malini intervenes and halts him. Kimaya peeks out of the room before closing the door again. Viren disapproves of the impending marriage, and Malini shares her concerns about Aradhana’s whereabouts. She calls Aradhana and asks for an update on the situation while Aradhana and Vivek make their way out of the venue. She urges Vivek to stop Reyansh, but he believes that there is still a storm brewing within him that may prevent the wedding from happening.

Upon returning home, Kadambari inquires about Vivek’s whereabouts in Reyansh. However, before he can answer, Malini and Viren intervene and reprimand him for his actions. Unfazed by their scolding, Reyansh insists on meeting with Kimaya. Viren suggests asking the guests to leave before addressing the matter. Meanwhile, Reyansh reaches out to Kimaya and acknowledges his wrongdoing, expressing remorse for causing her pain. He recognizes that she is a kind-hearted girl who deserves someone who will love her genuinely. Apologizing once again for using her, Reyansh emphasizes that Aradhana and himself are bound together, just like Aradhana and Kimaya are through their shared experience.

Although she is your sister, Radhana is Malini’s daughter, so she wanted to save you from me. She was willing to sacrifice herself for your sake. I had married you in revenge for your father, so Kimaya cried. As Reyansh says, your sister chose you, and I now understand it. She was right; she could never be wrong, and I am wrong. Please forgive me, I am not able to marry you, you will never be happy with me, and you deserve a better man to love you.

Vivek and Aradhana arrive. Malini says Reyansh is talking to Kimaya. Aradhana says we must stop him. Kimaya says she loves you. Reyansh says no, Kimaya. He shouts Kimaya…. Open your eyes. Everyone runs to Kimaya when he hears this. Everyone is shocked when they see Kimaya unconscious. Aradhana checks Kimaya’s pulse. She is shocked. Malini asks Aradhana, Aradhana, what happened. Aradhana cries and signs no. They are all shocked.

As tears flow from their eyes, Malini turns to Reyansh and asks, “What have you done?” Amidst the weeping, Reyansh denies any wrongdoing. But Aradhana’s anger boils over as she slaps him and accuses him of killing someone. Despite his protests, she scolded him for seeking revenge like a devil. In a desperate attempt to clear his name, he pleads with his parents and cries out that he didn’t do anything. Kadambari breaks the tension by suggesting they take the person whom Kimaya refers to as her murderer to the hospital. As they rush Kimaya away, Reyansh heads straight to the police station and confesses that he is responsible for her death. He admits that he deceived her and caused her death due to shock. The inspector tells him to wait outside while they investigate further. With Kimaya on his mind, Reyansh anxiously waits for news from the inspector, who reveals that Kimaya passed away due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Shocked, Reyansh questions how this could have happened, knowing well that she would never intentionally harm herself in this way.

According to the Inspector, Kimaya had taken sleeping pills before your arrival. This means that she took her own life before I got there. Did anyone inform her that I was not planning on marrying her? The Inspector categorizes it as a suicide case. However, upon Aradhana’s arrival, she immediately claims it to be a murder. Reyansh disagrees and insists that it was a suicide. The inspector mentioned that they had obtained CCTV footage and would review it. Aradhana accuses Reyansh of wanting to harm Viren and killing Kimaya in the process. Reyansh defends himself by stating that someone else had also visited Kimaya, not just him. Aradhana informs him that she will attend Kimaya’s final rites and that he should not join her. He pleads his innocence while she blames him for Kimaya’s death before walking away.


Aradhana consoles Malini. She stops Reyansh and asks him to leave. Reyansh says he must reveal who met Kimaya before me. He meets Kriti.

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