Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 28th July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Reyansh confiding in Kaka about Aradhana. Vivek expresses his happiness that Reyansh has found love and they engage in a conversation about the subject. Aradhana mentions she has to head to the office for an urgent matter. Harsh reminds her of their previously made plans, but she explains her necessity to attend to work. He comments on the approaching storm and how it can easily take everything away. She agrees and adds that they must prepare for it, while mentioning Reyansh’s apology for having to cancel their dinner plans. She then takes her leave, and Kadambari presents some jewelry which she had kept safe for Reyansh’s future wife.

Vivek asks her to make her bahu wear it. She says Reyansh won’t want me to stay here. Reyansh says she may have any work again. Vivek asks him to take a step towards his mom. Reyansh says no, I can’t do this. Aradhana calls him. They talk. Then he asks if you aren’t coming. She says that dad’s clinic is flooded, we are busy, you are not coming, please apologize to your father, we will have chole tomorrow, I love you. Reyansh thinks that she had to lie.

Reyansh cancels the dinner and states that she won’t be joining us. Vivek reassures him that his fate will not be the same as mine. He embraces Reyansh before he leaves, and Reyansh confidently declares that Aradhana is not capable of lying like Vivek. As he exits, she expresses her concern for him, but acknowledges that the inevitable storm of love is brewing within him. Meanwhile, Aradhana sends an audio message to Bhakti, knowing that she will need to deceive someone in order to save a life. On his way over, Reyansh is reminded by Bhakti that Aradhana forgot her insulin. Jagruti also informs them about a post directed towards Bhakti from Dehradun.

Bhakti and Harsh are both concerned. Bhakti mentions that she’s unable to get in touch with Aradhana and plans to call Reyansh. After contacting him, she confirms that the clinic is running smoothly, but also expresses her worries about Aradhana forgetting her insulin medication due to being constantly busy. Bhakti then requests Reyansh’s help in reminding Aradhana about her medication without interrupting her work. Reyansh suggests lying to their family about Aradhana’s whereabouts and calls Sunaina, Vikram, and Pooja to inquire if they know where she is. He even asks Vikram to track her phone just to make sure she’s safe. Vikram agrees to do so and assures Reyansh not to worry.

Reyansh goes to meet Mayank. Vikram tells Reyansh the hotel name. Reyansh shows his ID card to the hotel. The man tells him your reporter went to room 005. Reyansh thanks him and leaves. Aradhana decides to have courage. She rings the bell. Mayank is shocked to see her. Mayank asks why you don’t call your ex girlfriend inside. Reyansh watches.

He says you are hurt that I am with someone else, so she scolds him for blackmailing Revati. They argue. He says I like Revati, and I won’t let her go from my life. Reyansh knocks the door. Aradhana hears Reyansh knocking and Mayank asks him to leave. Reyansh leaves. Aradhana asks how dare you touch me. Mayank apologizes, I want to talk. You broke my heart, I truly loved you.

For my employee’s safety, Reyansh says I need to know who was inside the room. She told me it was Mayank Khurana. Reyansh thinks she came to meet her ex, I told Vikram she couldn’t forgive her first love, she lied. Mayank and Aradhana argue. Reyansh checks Mayank’s profile. Aradhana praises Reyansh. Reyansh calls Aradhana and asks when she will be free. She lies to him. He gets angry and drinks.


He uses their intimacy clip against Aradhana after seeing her. She lies to him.

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