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As the episode begins, the villager applies Haldi to Bindiya. Rose gives Haldi to Phoolmati. Bindiya sees Krish’s photo in the paper. Phoolmati asks Bindiya to think Krish is applying haldi to her. Bindiya smiles. Krish’s family also applies haldi to him. Baldev looks out. Indu asks who are you looking for? Baldev tells her you will know at the right moment. Payal arrives unmasked.

Payal thinks she is a maid when Nidhi falls and asks her to clean the floor. Bindiya waits for Payal and says she doesn’t know where she went. Indu asks Sakshi who is she? Sakshi says she might be from staff and says that many servants are called. Nidhi asks where is Papa? Indu says he doesn’t know what he’s doing with the lawyer in his room. Payal cleans the floor, gets Rose’s call and ends it. Krish calls her and asks Indu to give her 500 rupees. Indu removes him of his bad vision and gives Payal 500 rupees.

Bindiya is applied haldi by the villager in the episode. Rose gives haldi to Phoolmati. Bindiya sees Krish’s photo in the newspaper. Phoolmati asks her to think he is applying haldi to her. Bindiya smiles. Krish’s family also applies haldi to him. Baldev looks out. Indu asks who you are looking for? Baldev says you will know when.

Nidhi falls and asks Payal to clean the floor, thinking she is the maid. Bindiya waits for Payal and says doesn’t know where she went. Sakshi says she may be from the staff and informs Indu that many servants have been called. Nidhi asks her where her Papa is. Indu says he is with a lawyer in his room and doesn’t know what he is doing.

A call from rose ends. Payal cleans the floor. Krish calls and asks Indu to give her 500 Rs too. Indu removes his bad eyesight and gives Payal 500 Rs. Bindiya worries about Payal and says she isn’t picking up my call. She thinks to check her diary in her bag to find her friends’ number. Payal takes it and thinks to find out what Krish’s father is discussing with the lawyer.

After Krish’s sehrabandi, Baldev says Indu will be very happy, and I will give her this gift. Payal hears them. Lawyers ask why you took the decision so quickly. Baldev replies, “I’ll keep Indu’s wishes in mind.” Indu recalls reading the letter, which was actually written by Payal as Indu. Indu wrote the letter in her handwriting, asking him to name Krishna’s property after him. After hearing this, Payal smiles.

Baldev says Indu has never done this, and she might be helpless to write it in a letter. Is there any way I cannot do this for Indu’s happiness and for Krish’s safety? He asks if I can’t do this. Payal congratulates herself and says that now no one can stop you from ruling here. Baldev signs the property papers. Payal says you did it, sorry Bindi…your marriage has been canceled. She says Krish and his property are now hers. She continues on her way.

After finding the diary, Bindiya struggles to read it. Payal calls Bindiya and lets her know she has gone to college for work. Bindiya says she would have told me if she had. Payal says if I had told you, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it, so she calls you as soon as she gets free. Bindiya asks her about the diary. Payal says it contains important papers. She closes it and asks her to come fast, because she is getting married soon. Payal thinks her marriage won’t happen.

When Sakshi brings water into the pot, she says it is pure filter water. Baldev asks how Krish will take a bath, and asks them to bring water from the temple well. Nidhi is with Sakshi. Baldev praises Bindiya’s values, which irks Payal. She applies haldi to Krish and thinks of Payal. He looks at the veiled woman and is about to go behind her when his friends stop him.

The family members give Krish a matka bath while the ladies do the ritual for Bindiya. Pal thinks she wants to end this drama right here, but your papa will give your Mummy the property papers after sehra bandi, so I have to wait for that day. Bindiya is happy. Krish smiles as the family members give Krish a matka bath.

She tells Bindiya that she will be with her now and asks her to smile. After smiling and leaving, Bindiya asks Payal why she used the haldi. When Payal realizes she had used the same haldi on Krish as she had applied to her, she gets angry and starts rubbing her face. Bindiya says she is in pain. Payal says there is pain in your destiny and I don’t want Krish’s haldi on her face.


Payal stages her drama and pretends to faint, telling Krish that she can’t bear to see him marry someone else. Krish says he will stop it.

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