Suhaagan 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bindiya tells Dadi she has failed on her first attempt. On this day, Dadi says she learned to get milk after 18 days of learning. She motivates her and then asks her to attend school. Phoolwati taunts her and says sending her to school is the right thing to do. It appears she will turn the chaunati into panauti, she says.

Rekha comes out hearing the doorbell and tells God that he gave her a good face, but bad destiny. She asks Madan to take milk. Doorbell still rings. Bindiya says I’m getting ready for school. Phoolwati says she’s exiting the challenge. Bindiya refuses to give up. Payal weeps, but Rekha asserts that her tears will have no effect and insists on Payal accompanying her quietly. Payal opens her eyes and reprimands Rekha.

Phoolwati says Amma’s responsibility is now yours, don’t expect my help. Bindiya says she’ll keep last night’s roti in her tiffin. Amma asks how she will work because she has school. Phoolwati replied it is gone in her stomach. Amma instructs Bindiya to go to school. Phoolwati suggests to Amma that she should observe a Nirjala fast as it is believed to open the doors of heaven.

Trying to wake up Madan, Payal asks Rekha to keep the poocha bucket and asks her to wipe the floor. Payal asks Madan to wake up. Rekha asks her to do it as she says. Payal says you’re bad, and I don’t like you. Rekha asks her to complain about her when Madan wakes up, saying if you’re good. Payal wipes the floor, while Bindiya prepares food for Dadi/Amma. The struggle between Payal and Bindiya continues.

Amma sheds tears as Bindiya accidentally burns her finger while persisting in making roti. Rekha instructs Payal to clean the floor beneath the table. Meanwhile, Bindiya prepares food and offers it to Amma, who blesses her and encourages her to go to school. Payal complains to Madan about Rekha and says she wants to go to Bindi and Dadi. Rekha asks him not to interfere with them. Payal leaves. Madan says you’ve ruined my plan. Rekha is furious.

The teacher tells Bindiya not to be late, or else she will be punished again. Bindiya stands outside the class and learns what she is taught by the teacher. The teacher asks Bindiya what happened, and she tells him everything that happened. Payal is happy there, so she decided to keep her there.

It is Rekha who is afraid of Bansi, not Payal. Payal packs her bags and says she thought Mami was a pari, but she is a witch. Madan asks Rekha not to ruin his plan, and to apologize to Payal. She refuses and insists that she will follow my rules if she wishes to remain.

Bindiya asks Master ji to give his phone to her. Payal comes and asks Madan to drop her home.


Mami tells Payal to leave and sternly instructs her to never return. Payal departs, and while walking, she notices some children begging. Meanwhile, a man observes Payal walking alone.


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