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The episode commences with Phoolmati expressing her gratitude to Rekha and offering her lipstick as a gesture of sisterhood. Madan acknowledges Phoolmati’s words and emphasizes his respect for her. The trio is confident in their success as they arrive at the Panchayat the following day. Upon Bindiya’s arrival, the Sarpanch inquires about her earnings, to which she responds with an amount exceeding the required sum. Impressed by Bindiya’s determination, the Sarpanch declares her victorious and the crowd applauds in response. As the time for the verdict approaches, Madan urges the Sarpanch to ask Bindiya about her strategy for winning.

The time has come for him to find out the truth, and he asks Bindiya where she got it from. She begins to read the list of how she made it. Phoolmati and Rekha ask her to say it honestly. Rekha asks Madan to show the photo to the Panchayat, and Madan shows the photo of Payal selling the chain. Phoolmati asks the jeweller if Payal mortgaged her mother’s chain at his shop or not. Sarpanch asks what is happening.

Madan inquires the jeweller about Payal’s recent visit, to which he confirms that she received 1000 Rs for a chain. He then questions if everyone has been informed about this incident, expressing his concern that his sister’s precious keepsake was used as collateral. The villagers express their disapproval and Phoolmati raises the issue that Bindiya may eventually resort to selling herself. Seeking resolution, Madan turns to the Sarpanch for a verdict. However, Bindiya defends herself by stating that she earned the money through hard work, recounting how Payal had given her the money and encouraged her to strive for success with determination. She urges the jeweller to reveal the truth, who admits that Bindiya had indeed returned to claim her mother’s chain after repaying him. In response, Phoolmati becomes agitated and grabs hold of the jeweller’s neck in anger. Bindiya then reveals the chain to everyone, assuring them that she had immediately rectified their mistake. Dadi reminds them of Bindiya’s tireless efforts and Phoolmati pulls Madan aside accusing him of overlooking her contributions. Madan defends himself saying that they were unaware of Bindiya

Master ji advises Bindiya to focus on her studies, to which she agrees. Madan then interrupts and suggests that Sarpanch intervenes. He points out that while everyone has acknowledged Bindiya’s hard work, they have failed to recognize her sacrifices as well. Madan emphasizes that she has been prioritizing her family’s needs over her education for the past three days, but what about the rest of her life? Phoolmati praises his idea, but he expresses concern about Bindiya potentially giving up on school in order to manage household responsibilities. This raises alarm among Dadi and Phoolmati who assert that it is illegal for a child to work and ask if she will quit school because of this. Another lady chimes in, saying that Bindiya may not be able to handle both work and studies. Feeling torn between her family’s well-being and her education, Bindiya declares that if going to school means causing further rift within the family, then she would rather not attend. Dadi firmly objects, stating that she cannot give up on school.

Bindiya pleads with Sarpanch ji to give his verdict, having fulfilled the challenge and is prepared to leave her studies. However, he expresses that his heart cannot bear to see her leave her education. Bindiya implores him not to separate them, as she believes they will never be truly happy if they are apart. Sarpanch reminds them that the law requires daughters to be educated. Payal then suggests that they pray to Ambe Maa for protection against their oppressive relatives. Madan compares Sarpanch to a blindfolded judge who is being led astray by their selfish relatives. Despite this, they continue to forcefully take Bindiya and Payal away. In a final attempt, Bindiya rushes to Sarpanch and promises to study at night while working during the day. Rekha proudly proclaims that she now has two servants under her control.

Phoolmati pleaded with Madan to take them, and he agreed. Master ji observed the hardships they had endured and offered to take on Bindiya’s education. Despite his wife’s objections, Master ji stood firm in his decision. The Sarpanch reminded them of how their relatives were absent during the deaths of Shyam and Lajwanti when their support was needed most. He declared that Bindiya would continue her studies and also contribute to her family’s well-being. He emphasized that there was no need to separate them from their grandmother and home. In anger, Madan grabbed the Sarpanch’s collar and demanded to know who had appointed him as Sarpanch. The Sarpanch warned him to leave before he was thrown out. Finally, Phoolmati directed her curses towards Bindiya and Payal.

Phoolmati informs Inspector that Madan is their Kans mama. Payal asks him to arrest them. The inspector does so. Bindiya, Payal and Dadi are happy.

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