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The Episode starts with everyone seeing Bindiya holding the watermelon and Amma stabbing it. Payal runs to Krish and hugs him. Amma tells her she has killed Bahurani and starts crying. Bindiya says nothing has happened to me, and says that you have stabbed Watermelon. Baldev gets scolded by Indu for becoming Khatron ke Khiladi at this age.

When Baldev asks Vikram to bring the ambulance team inside, Bindiya says nothing has happened. She sits on a sofa and says nothing has happened to her. She makes her drink water and says you haven’t done anything. The doctor asks the ward boys to take her home.

A group of ward boys and nurses are walking towards Amma, holding an injection and a cloth to tie up her hands. Bindiya asks them not to scare Amma this way and says that if they try to catch her, she will run. Bindiya refuses to go with them. Amma comes to Bindiya and asks her to tie her clothes and lock her in a room, but she doesn’t let her go from there. Krish tells Bindiya not to interfere and says they know what to do.

Bindiya instructs her to calm down, prompting Amma to embrace Bindiya and explain that she doesn’t want to leave. The Doctor then orders the ward boys and Nurses to back off and allow Durga ji some space. He is surprised at seeing Durga ji with free hands, as they have only witnessed her anger and arrogance. He notes that this is a sign of improvement, as she now requests to have her hands tied, showing her determination to stay with her family. Indu questions the Doctor’s notion of improvement, reminding him of how Durga ji had previously tried to push Amma off the terrace and stabbed her with a knife.

Indu says she has never seen such a dangerous avatar before. Krish says murder would have happened here. Payal says she died halfway. The doctor says she needs care, but this Durga ji is different. We have seen her for so many years, and she is progressing. We will let her stay here for a few days to get her better. Indu asks if it doesn’t happen, then call us, and I will pick her up.

As Amma and Bindiya hug each other, she says that this is good. Maybe my Amma needs love and support. She asks Babu Ji who can care for the mother better than her son. Indu asks who asked you to say this. Indu asks Bindiya, who is talking about Amma’s betterment? Krish asks her not to suggest it. She says it’s the Doctor’s idea. She insults her and asks if my kids’ lives are like lottery tickets.

Asked if I should keep this trouble at home and make the entire house dark, she says Bindiya killed my house’s baby. Baldev tells the doctors to stand outside and says he will make a decision. Indu says she can’t risk her children. Bindiya says Amma has become like a little child now. Krish says you have already killed my baby. What do you want to do next? Payal asks if you’re going to kill me after killing my baby. Amma glances at Payal.

It is Paipal who tells Krish the way she views her. Baldev asks Indu to keep her in a mental asylum in Agra. Baldev argues with her and asks, “Why didn’t you keep your choice of people?” Indu replies, “I’ll keep it since it’s her house.” Baldev tells her she’s my mother and asks her to stay here. Indu asks where your love for your mother was before. She says neither her sons nor she will agree. Baldev asks her to live happily with her sons, and says he’ll take Amma from there.

Indu stops Krish from stopping her from leaving Bindiya. Amma holds Bindiya’s hand. Bindiya asks how can you leave Babu Ji, but…Babu Ji says I don’t want to hear ifs and buts and asks Bindiya to accompany her. Bindiya asks Baldev if she can ask him something. Baldev tells the Doctor that he has decided to keep Amma home. Doctor leaves. Baldev says I have decided to take Amma home, but I am homeless myself.

They suggest they visit Chirayya. Baldev says he cannot see her mayka. Bindiya says you are like my baba. Baldev says you are more than my daughter. Bindiya says he is sakha. They make Baldev sit in the ambulance. Baldev and Bindiya see the door lock. Indu tells her about fighting like animals, but he never left me. Sakshi says Papa Ji has done wrong. Sakshi asks her to change her social media status. Payal gets happy seeing them gone and says she will be the only one who will rule the house now.


Baldev tells Bindiya that Payal will get them back to the house. Payal says she will do anything to unite Mummy ji and Papa ji. Sakshi asks where Bindiya is. Payal says Bindiya will not visit.

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