Barsatein 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update


Barsatein 12th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nita receiving a call from Jagruti, who informs her that the kidnapper has shot Aradhana. Surprised, Akash asks how they can take responsibility for this. Nita defends herself, saying she had no idea he would harm Aradhana and labelling her a persistent problem. Just then, their boss calls. Wanting to know what is happening, Akash asks to hear the conversation. The boss accuses them of being responsible for Aradhana’s death, and Nita is taken aback. The boss asks why they didn’t discuss it before taking drastic measures. Nita tries to defend herself by stating that it was Akash’s idea to get rid of her, but their attention is diverted when the lady on the phone says there’s good news on TV. They anxiously turn on the television and see the news report, worrying about their fate. Cutscene to Varun, who confidently declares that he won’t be arrested while police officers enter the office premises in pursuit of suspects.

Reyansh opens the door for Vikram. We have evidence against Reyansh, the mastermind of the drug scam, and we have come to arrest him. Kadambari says he cannot do this. He says no mother calls her son a criminal, so let us do our work. The inspector scolds him. Vikram says he is disturbed, so could I see the proof once?

When the inspector asks Reyansh to come out, he threatens to break the door. He opens the door, saying I did all this, arrest me. Vikram asks, “Did you go insane?” Kadambari says, “Say something.” Reyansh is arrested. Reyansh gets arrested four days later. Akash says we are still at Aradhana’s house, and Nita says we are here to watch over Bhakti. Jagruti and Pooja are with Bhakti.

Bhakti is overcome with shock upon learning about Aradhana’s death. Pooja notices her distress, and Jagruti quickly administers a medication to help Bhakti cope. Nita decides to inform Bhakti about the news but realizes she must put on an act as well. She asks Akash to play with her, and they laugh at their deceitful plan. However, Bani catches Nita in the act and confronts her. Nita responds defensively, but Bani warns her that she has proof of Nita’s wrongdoings and will not hesitate to expose her true self if necessary.

Pooja and Jagruti see the newspaper. Jagruti says Nita did it. Pooja thinks she’ll hide it before Bhakti sees it again. Pooja says someone framed us and ended a love story, too. She gets a call. Nita asks if you’ll blackmail me. To gain your trust and unite Jai and Aradhana, I decided to win your confidence and expose you. I wanted to know what Aradhana wanted.

Nita laughs and jokes on her. She says you should get an award for this sacrifice, I’m an important player, I killed Aradhana. Bani asks what you’re saying, which means you killed her. Pooja says Vikram said the real culprit is in our house, why did Reyansh accept this crime, Mr. and Mrs. Khurana are the real culprits, said Pooja. Jagruti asked what this means. Jai and Reyansh have not been involved. Pooja said it was related to the drug scam, which is dangerous.


Nita and Viren discuss Aradhana. Viren asks who told you Aradhana was dead. Vikram says Jai’s parents are responsible. Inspector argues.

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