Barsatein 1st February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana Proposes Reyansh, Bhakti’s Shocking Recovery


Barsatein 1st February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode commences with Jagruti filling in Aradhana about Manika. In response, Aradhana shows gratitude for fixing her phone and asks Jagruti to hold on to it while she checks it later. Meanwhile, Pooja expresses sympathy for Reyansh, as his love for Manika is pure. Agreeing with Pooja, Jagruti hopes Manika doesn’t stir up any more trouble in their lives. Vivek then questions Kadambari’s dishonesty about the dentist despite being an open book otherwise. Just then, he receives a call from an unknown number, which turns out to be a reminder to meet his sons at the office.

I ask Vivek who I am. The lady says your fate is so bad. He asks how dare you say that. Your son is an outstanding journalist who covers big stories. He is interested in drug cases. Please ask him to withdraw them. He asks who you are. I don’t fear your threats. She says fine. Your wife and son’s lives will end. He says to keep them away from all this. If this doesn’t work out, then tell your son to step back from this case.

His son will always do what he wants, and he never backs down. The woman says you know a great deal about your son. Did you know about your wife? She lied about meeting her dentist. You’re lonely and sad, and he asks how you know this. She says after they die, you’ll feel lonely. Loneliness doesn’t let a person live and die. He asks who you are. He worries.

In response, Reyansh asks what happened. Vivek closes the door. You don’t cover the drug scam story, drop the case, he says. You are saying this, Reyansh. I don’t back down. Vivek says you need to drop it. Reyansh says don’t worry, what happened, why are you stopping you, what are you hiding, tell me what is happening. Vivek says I got a call from a private number, and a lady threatened me and asked you to leave the case.

During the interview, Reyansh said you didn’t get scared; it’s ordinary in journalism. Akash asked if we would become your boss’ slaves. Nita said your boss helped us when we were suffering, so we can buy a new house. He says your boss is now your friend but could become your enemy. She says Reyansh is our big enemy, and he is digging into this story. He says it’s terrible news. Reyansh is smart and intelligent and will expose the truth. She said you didn’t learn how to speak well.

We cannot afford for Reyansh and Aradhana to unite. Aradhana must break his heart; otherwise, he will be ruinous. He says Reyansh has really messed up all this; he will bring out the truth. She says the boss told her he would handle it; otherwise, Reyansh would be out of the picture. Reyansh says nothing happened in the gangster’s story, so don’t worry.

Vivek expresses concern, stating that he fears losing Reyansh and advises him to leave the case due to being threatened. He shares his fear that the woman involved may act on her threat, as she knows about them both. Reyansh reassures Vivek that he is determined to uncover the mastermind and prove the challengers wrong. When asked about his connection to the case, he reveals that someone close to him is involved. Vivek urges Reyansh to forgive and forget, but Reyansh assures him that he will not rest until he catches the culprit.

Akash assures that Varun is not a killer and will be sent again. In response, Nita reveals her plan to hire a professional hitman to take out Reyansh. Akash points out that Reyansh is intelligent, and eliminating him won’t be easy. However, Nita is willing to risk getting caught by the police. Akash reminds her that they are businessmen and not murderers. Hearing this, she suggests he leave her and go his own way. This worries Akash. Meanwhile, Varun compliments Bianca, and they engage in conversation. He admits he is not one for having girlfriends, rather he desires a respectable and supportive wife who can contribute financially as well. Bianca jokes about his criteria and then mentions that he needs to administer Bhakti’s medication. Varun asks for their contact information to stay in touch.

Nita scolds him. She asks Bianca to give Bhakti the shots. She says Aradhana can come any time and act quickly. She asks Varun if he found Aradhana. He says I heard Jagruti and Pooja talking about some video, and they looked into tension like there was a big problem. Varun praises the boss, saying that he is brilliant and powerful, he might have planned something. He says wow, you described him well. He can solve our problems.

Nita says he is the perfect solution to our issues, and no one else can handle them. However, Bianca has just informed us that the medicine box is missing. In response, Nita instructs Varun to accompany Bianca to her room to retrieve the box. Meanwhile, she takes this opportunity to mock Bhakti and mock her actions. She blames Bhakti for endangering them all and reveals that she was the one responsible for Bhakti’s accidents. This prompts a reaction from Bhakti, who grabs Nita’s hand. Despite Nita’s pleas for her to let go, Bhakti continues to hold on tightly as if she has awoken from her coma.


When Aradhana proposes to Reyansh, she asks Bianca why she gave Mumma fake medicines. Bianca says Reyansh paid me and asked me to do it.

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