Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Saves the Day at Tara’s Function

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandana apologising for the interruption, but I want to take your one minute. Mrunal remains sad. Rano keeps an eye on her. Vandana, Sonia, and Tara come on stage dressed in traditional clothes. Tara becomes Krishna. Vandana and Sonia become Yashoda and Devika. Vandana tells Krishna’s story. Kunal smiles after hearing Vandana.

A mother is a mother, a relationship doesn’t change with time, a mother is an emotion that can’t be counted, and if a child has two moms, it is good luck but something that should make them ashamed. Everyone claps. Tara says, ” wow, I’m performing with both my mums today. Rano hides. Mrunal thinks you can see me, come out. He says if you try to steal anything, I will catch you. Anagha comes in and says Mrunal isn’t a thief. Rano taunts her.

Angha says she came to meet Mrunal. Rano doesn’t care. She goes and keeps an eye on them. Anagha hugs Mrunal. She says Hemant and I are worried about you. Vandana, Sonia and Tara dance. Sonia stumbles and gets injured. She stops dancing. Vandana and Tara continue the dance. Yeh doriyaan… plays…

Seeing them upsets Sonia. Everyone smiles and claps as they watch the performance. Vijay’s anger hasn’t calmed. It’s safe if you stay here, Anagha says. Kunal listens to Vandana. She’ll keep you safe. Stay calm. Don’t do anything that causes problems in both families. No one will force you out of this house. Rano hears them.

She believes Mrunal desires to remain here. I will not allow this to occur. The woman commends your excellent dancing skills and acknowledges that you have taught us something extraordinary. Recognizing your contribution, Tara and Vandana are awarded a special prize. The audience applauds enthusiastically. Tara expresses her gratitude and affection towards Vandana, stating she is the best and loves her like a mother. With equal affection, Vandana reciprocates the sentiment. Sonia observes their heartwarming exchange from afar. Excitedly, Tara rushes to show the trophy to the children, who praise Vandana and her performance, considering them fortunate. Tara graciously thanks them while Kunal suggests it’s time to return home. Noticing Vandana’s well-being, Kunal attentively looks after her until Sonia interrupts their moment together.

Vandana asks how your foot is now. Sonia says it hurts, but I’ll cope with it. Vandana asks if we should take it to the doctor. Sonia says there is no need; everyone is here to help. Why did you come so late? Tara was scared. Tara says yes, why did you get late? Vandana says I got some imp work. Sonia asks what imp work, was it imp than Tara. Vandana says Tara, close your eyes, sing your favourite song, and let’s talk. Tara says fine.

When Vandana says she went to talk to Vaibhav about Mrunal, she tells them everything that happened. She says her car is parked there, with her purse, wallet, and phone. Kunal arrives there. He tells Tara to follow her, close her eyes and ears, and sing a song. He becomes angry and threatens Vaibhav. He says Vandana is my wife, so don’t touch her and maintain a safe distance.

Getting the keys from Vaibhav, she beats him. Sonia and Vandana observe. Vandana runs to stop Kunal. Kunal tells her not to tear the saree pallu. She says I didn’t intend to do that. She opens the car and gets a scarf from her purse. She ties it to Kunal. Tara says that they look so cute, right, momma. Sonia nods. Vandana says thank you.

As Tara asks if you are okay, Kunal responds in the affirmative. Vaibhav signs bye to Vandana. He says he will not spare Kunal, and he will take revenge. Hemant says we cannot trust Mrunal, but Mrunal may have an ulterior motive in Vandana’s Sasural. Anagha says let her stay there.

Kunal will not let her remain there longer, Hemant says. He will listen to Vandana and keep Mrunal at home. We understood one thing: it would have been better for Mrunal if she had not married Vaibhav, who is quite mean and benefits from Mrunal’s alliance; the guy is perfect and rich. He asks who. She tells them about Bobby and asks him to guess his name. She tells him what you mean, he says Vandana and Mrunal should stay there, it’s a key to our fate.

Vandana, Kunal and Tara are taken in a picture by Bobby. Everyone congratulates Tara. Tara says thanks. This trophy and photo are exceptional. Please keep them safe. Guneet says Kunal, I need to talk about a recording. Vedika lights the diya at the temple. Bobby says Mrunal, you missed it, you should have come. Pammi gets angry at him and leaves. Vandana says she will keep the trophy safe, that I will never break her trust, that I love you. Sonia hears her.


Sonia looks on. Vandana says Tara is my heartbeat. He says I was praising you. Kunal says fine, tie the bandage.

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