Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th December 2023 Written Episode: Vandana’s Struggle Against Domestic Abuse Unfolds

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences with Rano taking a photo of Kunal and Sonia. She eagerly displays it to Pammi, who admires it and compliments her. Rano offers to fulfil any request from Pammi, as she owes her many favours. Pammi reveals that she has a particular task for Rano. Eager to know more, Rano asks for details. Pammi discloses her plan to shock Vandana and drive her away from their home. Excited by the prospect, Rano assures Pammi that she will end their marriage within seven days, promising to work together with her. In a joyful mood, she dances while Pammi smiles. The following day, during ration shopping, Vandana questions the high bill. Interrupting, Pammi explains that they shop at a more expensive store due to the exceptional quality of items. She then insults Vandana while Rano adds with her mocking remarks.

The girl is Rano, according to Pammi. Vandana greets Rano. Rano says you are a new bride. You don’t wear any new jewellery. Pammi says she doesn’t understand what standards to hold. Rano warns Vandana. Vandana asks Sonia to read some books. She says if you need help, call me. Pammi says I cannot handle her, you handle her, you know Kunal and the family like.

Sonia thanks her. She says I had troubled you, but you support me in my bad times. Why? Vandana says I understand how someone breaks down when a wrong time comes. Kunal got me here because of our past. Weren’t you scared if I was in your position… Vandana says everyone has their place. Inder comes there. Vandana soothes Sonia.

She informed me that I would leave for my Maayka and told me to take care of it. The sudden appearance of Inder at the door startles them. He exclaims that while Kunal has two women, he has none. Vandana warns him not to lay a hand on Sonia. Inder challenges her, asking if she can stop him. Vandana firmly answers yes. But he insists it is between him and Sonia, and she should not interfere. In his anger, he shoves her aside, accusing Sonia of abandoning him and running away. As she reprimands him for his behaviour, he laughs mockingly. He sarcastically calls Vandana ‘lovely’ and ‘innocent,’ implying that Sonia manipulated her into believing a false story about him. He claims that it was all an act on Sonia’s part to win his sympathy and love, but look at him now- she needs his help because she loves him.

Now Sonia is telling Kunal the same things, that she has a bad character, but today I will end her drama forever, so come with me, he says. He drags Sonia with him. Sonia asks Vandana to help her. Inder will kill me, he says. Inder says I won’t be able to save you today. Sonia says leave me. Vandana says leave her hand. He pushes Vandana again. Sonia gets hurt. I won’t spare you today, says Inder.

Sonia asks Vandana to save her. Vandana prays. She gets a knife and stops Inder. She threatens him. She asks Sonia to call the police. Inder grabs Vandana and twists her hand. Kunal yells, “I have an exchange offer for you; just lose Vandana if you want Sonia!”. Vandana beats him up. He falls. She takes the phone. Don’t call Kunal. You know his anger, so promise me.

Hemant says we got a new car. Vijay scolds him. Anagha says Vandana is Kunal’s wife now. Vijay lectures them. Mrunal comes and says Vandana has become Sonia’s servant, didn’t you know, here’s a break-up, Kunal brought Sonia home. Vijay shouts I will do what’s right. Pammi and Rano come home. Vandana says the kitchen cabinet hurt her. Pammi taunts her.


Tara meets Vandana’s needs. Pammi fills Sonia’s ears. Kunal is worried about Vandana. Vijay confronts Kunal.

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