Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode: Emotional Confessions, Family Dynamics, and Anupama’s New Challenges

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Anuj says that nothing can happen to Anu, and Shruti remembers those words. Aadhya asks Shruti if she feels bad. She says she feels strange but not bad. She says so many years of relationship cannot be forgotten. Aadhya says that she (Anupama) doesn’t love him as much as he does. Love is indescribable, Shruti says, and it’s a fact that one of them loves more than the other.

Aadhya says she adopted me and made me her daughter, but she couldn’t become my mother, and I ranked last among her children, which is why I hate her. Shruti says maybe it is not like this, and you felt. Aadhya says whatever I felt, only my pops and I know. She says you are our present and asks her to promise never to leave them. She hugs Shruti.

After presenting her project to the investor, Kinjal returns to find Toshu engrossed in video games and their shared space in disarray with pizza boxes and a wine bottle. She takes it upon herself to tidy up and warns Toshu to finish his game or face consequences. She then expresses her frustration with him not contributing to their responsibilities. Toshu defends himself by pointing out that it was Kinjal’s idea to come there, but she reminds him that she had done so for their family. He brushes off her concerns, claiming exhaustion from work, but Kinjal points out that Pari needs his help with his studies. Toshu dismisses her request and even goes as far as breaking a glass bottle when provoked. Feeling overwhelmed, Kinjal sarcastically remarks that he can continue destroying things while she takes care of everything else like a “servant.” Angel interjects, tired of their recurrent fights and threatens to involve Dadi if they don’t stop. She then admits that she would rather stay with Dadi than endure the constant conflict at home.

Baa experiences a headache and expresses the intensity of her pain. Mahi kindly applies pressure on her head and recalls how she used to do the same for the warden, who would praise her magical touch. Baa agrees with this sentiment, acknowledging Mahi’s exceptional skill. She then inquires if Pakhi Didi’s words had upset Mahi. Sensing Mahi’s discomfort, Baa invites her to massage both her head and feet, offering to fetch water for her. However, Mahi declines, citing her mother’s advice to assist elders whenever possible. With that, Kavya observes how Mahi is already winning everyone over, Vanraj included.

Kinjal tells Toshu why you met her when I asked you not to. As a mother, she understands the pain of her children. She says she wants someone to hold her head and cry and says she is hers, but she supported me so much that I couldn’t keep myself from crying when I learned she was here. You have turned your face, and she says having such a mother is a blessing. Toshu asks Kinjal and Angie not to meet her anywhere else. Kinjal reminds her not to forget that he relies on her.

As Pakhi approaches Toshu, she inquires about his departure and pleads with him to stay a little longer. Titu, curious about her request, wonders aloud why she is making this appeal. In response, Pakhi explains that she wants him to be the brand ambassador for her online store so that it can increase its sales. With a smile, she adds that they are similar in their ambitions. She contrasts this with Adhik, who was content with his job and lacked ambition. Recounting her unhappy marriage and struggles, Pakhi admits that she was not happy and suffered greatly. Nearby, Dimpy overhears their conversation. Seeing the opportunity to intervene, Pakhi urges Dimpy to ask Titu to stay back, but Dimpy suggests he should leave. Agreeing with Dimpy’s suggestion, Titu confirms that he will indeed depart. However, Pakhi reminds him of the favour he promised – to help promote her business as a brand ambassador – which Titu agrees to do with a nod. Meanwhile, Ishani informs Mahi that the “magical uncle” is leaving and expresses sadness at the thought of losing him.

Anupama wakes up and gets out of bed. She is about to faint and fall when Beeji holds her and makes her sit. Anupama asks if this is your house. Beeji says your home is not of others, and Deepu brought you here. She tells her that the fire was caught in the restaurant and I tried to set it off, but…… Beeji tells her not to worry and says she (Anupama) is safe. The KD asks if she’s okay. Beeji says she is fine.

Anupama inquires about her belongings that hold special memories of her children. Overwhelmed, she sheds tears. Beeji reassures her that KD entered through the back door and rescued her possessions. Deepu is taking care of the insurance matters, after which the interiors will be taken care of. Until then, Beeji informs Anupama that she will be staying with them. Yashdeep arrives and expresses his admiration for Anupama’s courage. She asks about his injury, and Beeji explains it is an old wound. Excusing herself to prepare food, Beeji leaves Anupama in Yashdeep’s company. Anupama inquires if Yashpal is upset, but Yashdeep assures her that he spoke to him and even received gratitude for her efforts. As he hands over her luggage, Anupama holds a photo of her children close to her heart in a warm embrace.

Titu informs everyone that he will be leaving. Vanraj pleads with him not to come back. Titu expresses his gratitude to Vanraj for looking after Dimpy. Vanraj insists that there is no need for thanks. Yashdeep shares his belief that children may hold resentment towards their mothers, but a mother always showers her blessings on them. Anupama acknowledges Yashdeep’s statement, adding that parents prioritize their children above everything else. Yashdeep then reveals that despite being aware of this, he has never been married or had children. He invites Anupama to join him for breakfast and leaves. Anupama reflects on how uncertain life can be, causing her to feel lost and wander, even though she came here searching for her place in the world. As she gazes at a photo of her children, she kisses it, savouring the love and affection they share.


Someone informed Anuj and Shruti that the restaurant caught fire last night. Anuj asks where the workers and employees are. Yashdeep speaks to someone and tells Anupama that we are considering keeping our stall at the event. Anupama says we will participate, and her heart feels something good will happen. Anuj learns spice and chutney will be participating in the event. He says he will meet her there.

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