Anupama 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anupama is silent at her home and is not responding to anything.  Her brother Bhavesh tries to convince her to eat something.  He tells her that she has had problems before but she never lost hope. Why is she losing hope now?  She has been an inspiration for them till now.  She was his strength always and she cannot let him down.  He somehow convinces her to feed him. After that, he tells her that now it’s his turn to feed him. Kanta too comes and requests her to have the khichdi.  Kanta comforts her when she breaks down and feeds her some khichdi.  Bhavesh says he does not know how long Anupama will have to suffer.  Kanta says her Anupama will not suffer anymore.  She will fight back and start a new chapter in her life.

Anuj hears Anupama asking him to wake up and she wishes him a good morning.  She reminds him that it is the first Navratri today.  Anuj wishes her Happy Navratri and then realizes that he was just imagining everything.  He thinks to himself if he has left Anupama’s home or has brought her with him mentally. 

Little Anu comes and wishes him a Happy Navratri and asks him about his health.  He nods indicating he is better.  She asks him if has had any fights with Anupama because he would not have come alone.  Little Anu says Anupama would have left all her work to home and meet her.  Her phone is also not reachable.  Anuj remembers walking out of the house leaving Anupama devastated.  Little Anu requests Anuj not to fight with Anupama as she is very nice.  She asks him to call her so that they can celebrate together. 
Maaya asks Little Anu not to trouble Anuj as he is unwell.  Little Anu asks her why her mummy has not come.  Maaya says her mummy Is busy with Navratri celebrations.  Little Anu replies that her mummy will leave all her work for her sake and then she asks Anuj to call Anupama immediately.  Maaya asks her not to be stubborn.

Kanta asks Anupama to wake up as the sun has risen.  Anupama says her sun has not risen. Kanta asks her to wake up and arise to new beginnings. Anupama asks her why she fails always.  Kanta tells her she never fails and she is not at fault.  Anupama replies that when something happens repeatedly it’s not fate but her mistake.  Kanta asks her not to lose hope because she has to handle her children.  Kanta forcible makes her get up and asks her to face her problems.  Anupama starts looking around for her mobile saying Anuj may call her.  Kanta asks her not to pick up his call.  She says if anyone wants to call they can call on her or Bhavesh’s phone.  Kanta thinks that she now has to be tough for her daughter’s sake.

Barkha and Ankush are having breakfast.  Barkha tells Ankush to handle all the business meetings with Adhik as she has some paperwork to finish.  Just then Adhik joins them at the breakfast table.  Barkha tells him that she has prepared breakfast.  Adhik tells Ankush that if he is smart he will skip breakfast and have lunch directly.  He asks Adhik if Pakhi has agreed.  Barkha tells Adhik that she will handle Paakhi as she gets angry very easily. 

Ankush says they still don’t know where Anuj is.  Barkha says Anupama is at her mother’s house.  Anuj also must be in some resort or ashram.  She says it’s their duty to handle the business now.  Ankush replies saying that his relationship is only with his brother and not the business. The business is not important to him but his brother is.  He needs to find out how his brother is.  Adhik agrees with him.  Barkha gets a message on her phone and says that Anuj is with Maaya at her house.

Anuj gets ready to leave Maaya’s house. He thanks Maaya for letting him meet his daughter.  Maaya asks him not to say thanks. He had also done a lot for her.  She then asks if everything is well between him and Anupama.  Anuj does not reply and tells Maaya that he will stay at his friends’ house in Mumbai.  He asks Maaya if she can meet Little Anu daily.  Maaya assures him that her doors are always open for him.  He can even stay here with Little Anu if he wishes.  Anuj replies that he will stay with his friend.  He stumbles while he is going out.  Maaya once again asks him to stay but he still walks towards the door and suddenly collapses.

Maaya thinks to herself that she has fasted for Navratri and hence the gods are happy with her and not letting Anuj go away. 

After Anupama finishes her pooja Kanta gives her a notebook with the words ‘new beginnings’ written on the cover.  She asks Anupama to write all her thoughts and feelings in the book. She says words are very powerful because the written word has a lot of strength.  Staying silent is not good as in silence we start overthinking.  If she writes she will be able to express all her feelings and nobody will know what’s in her mind.

Precap:  Kanta goes to Mumbai and reaches Maaya’s house.  Anupama hopes Kanta brings Anuj back. 

Anuj tells Kanta to inform Anupama that his chapter in her life is closed forever.

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