Faltu 14th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

It begins when Faltu arrives at the stadium. The driver greets her and thanks her. She recalls Ayaan’s words and smiles. She says everyone here looks good. A girl argues with her. Faltu apologizes, this cricket academy is like heaven for me, I have come from Ittarpur. The girl scolds her and raises her hand. Faltu holds her hand.

Ayaan asks Sid what she will do there since she has never been to such a party before, so she will get bored. Sid says no, she dances amazingly. Suhana says, “Let her decide, it’s our responsibility to make her feel comfortable.” Sid says since she is here helping us, it is our duty as well, we can’t neglect her, she will feel bad. Ayaan says Faltu won’t go. Faltu scolds the girl and asks her to apologize.

It is Sheetal Bhatia who comes. Faltu tells Anu that Sheetal is the best cricketer. She asks Anu if she will stand in line. Anu stares at Faltu and leaves.

Anu’s name will be removed before playing, the girl says. Faltu is worried. Shukla greets Kanika. She says I have left my daughter’s rasam and come. Kanika doesn’t see Faltu and leaves. Suhana asks what is wrong. Faltu doesn’t want to be distracted by these parties, so Ayaan says no.

Ayesha says you can’t see Ayaan. Ayesha says you can’t see him. Ayaan says I’m going out, it will happen as I said. He leaves. Sid asks why he’s overreacting. Tanisha asks if Ayaan refused to go with us. Suhana replies yes, we wanted Faltu with us. Tanisha says I will resolve the problem since it’s my bachelor’s party, so I’m gonna decide, Faltu is my friend, I want her to come as well. Sid smiles as they all join hands.

The man asks Faltu Singh if it is a joke. Faltu replies that it is my real name. The people laugh. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words. She argues.

Shukla is asked to choose the best players by Kanika. She meets Sheetal and asks about the preparation. Sheetal introduces her sister Anu. She says she will be an asset to the team, just see her play once, and you will choose her. She says cricket is in her genes, and he asks Shukla to add Anu’s name. Sheetal has seen Anu’s game, seen Anu’s performance in the match. She asks Sheetal to give Discount Offers for JM Mart Promotions. Sheetal accepts, and thanks her.

Seeing Faltu there, Kanika asks Shukla to find out about her. Shukla says she has come for the team selection, she is Faltu Singh. She thinks to find out the truth. She suggests removing her name from the trial match.

Shukla says we run this academy, don’t ask me, it should be done. He says okay. He tells Faltu to go home. He tells her to take the trial today. Popat says trust yourself. She cries and argues with Popat. Popat says trust yourself. She says I trust myself, why did my trial match not stop? He says I don’t know, you can go now. She wants to know why the biasing happened. Shukla asks what happened.

Ayaan scolded him, demanding an explanation as to why he stopped her. He assured her that she wasn’t rejected as her trial was only the next day. But she insisted on the truth. To pacify her he informed that the second batch’s evaluation will be held tomorrow, urging her to cease crying and return home – she would receive a call reaffirming her participation in the round after that. Bua was then asked to reach out to Faltu, who coincidentally disconnected right at that time. Sensing trouble at this Kanika came over and inquired about who had terminated the call.

The precap:

Ayaan says we don’t know what storm this truth will bring. Kanika asks Faltu about her dream.

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