Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan for 21st February 2023, written update

Sahiba decorates her client’s wedding venue without realizing it’s Angad and Seerat’s wedding venue. Lucky’s assistant Twinkle likes decoration. Lucky calls her and inquires if flower decoration is done since the client is very particular about it. Twinkle says Sahiba did an amazing job. Lucky notices guests coming and ask her to welcome them. Santosh and his family get out of the car. Twinkle welcomes them in.

Seerat is mesmerized by the decoration. Sudha says Seerat is lucky to be married to such a wealthy family. The Brars greet them next. Angad smiles at Seerat, whereas Seerat smiles at Garry. Manveer asks Santosh why only 5 guests came. In his lie, Santosh claims Ajith is superstitious and believes guests will cast nazar/evil eyes on the bride and groom, so he decided to throw a party for his guests. The family calms her down.

Sahiba is shocked to see Seerat and Angad’s cutouts and realizes that she decorated their wedding venue. Angad and his siblings see Lucky’s decorations. Sahiba hides behind cutouts when they see them. Angad praises the artist. Lucky says she was here all along. The servant takes the cutout away. Angad is about to see her when she hides again.

From there, Sahiba bumps into Keerat, who asks what she is doing. Santosh also sees her and enters a room. Sahiba informs him that she took the decoration contract for Seerat and Angad’s wedding without knowing it. Ajith says it’s good that she is attending her sister’s wedding. Santosh yells at him as usual.

The mehendi ceremony begins. Reporters ask Seerat if she will join Brar’s family business after marrying Ludhiana’s most eligible bachelor. Seerat says she will. Santosh feels good seeing that. The mehendi artist asks Seerat for her husband’s name. She says, Garry. Kiara and others hear that.

Seerat says she asked Kiara and Ekam whose brother Garry is. Kiara says it’s her brother. Ekam says it’s her cousin. Angad imagines Seerat showing him her mehendi and expressing her love for him.

Seerat notices Garry leaving and walks behind him to a room where she asks if he will elope with her or not. Garry says he can’t and that their love story has only been up to this point. She threatens to commit suicide if she doesn’t marry him, cuts her hand, and stabs herself. Garry stops her, promises to elope with her, hugs her, and smirks seeing his plan succeed.

Angad and Seerat’s wedding is promoted by Sai and Virat from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Ke.

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