Anupama 10th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 10th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Vanraj has gone to Mumbai for work, Leela informs Hasmukh. Hasmukh says he is certain he did not go to Mumbai for work. Kavya passes by. In a taunting tone, Leela explains that she will go to the temple to offer prasad to God since her son got a job and pray that her son won’t be defiled by evil eyes.

The only wish Leela and her son have for Anupama is for her to separate from Anuj and return to Shah house as Vanraj’s bride. Hasmukh asks why she says this. It is obvious to everyone that Kavya is ruining Anupama’s life for Anupama, but no one is stopping him because he won’t listen to anyone. Earlier, he ruined Anupama’s life, and now he is ruining her life as well.

Leela says she herself is responsible for her destruction. She is angry when Vanraj is chanting Anupama’s name in front of her, while she is chanting Anirudh’s name in front of him. Despite telling them 1000 times that Anirudh is just her friend, Kavya says he is dying to be Anupama’s friend. Leela says Vanraj wants to be Anupama’s friend as well. By inviting Anirudh home, Leela says she made Vanraj jealous, but now she is jealous. He walks in. Kavya greets him and makes him sit. Leela taunts him not to worry about Vanraj, he can come here any time and do whatever he wishes since his son doesn’t mind Anirudh and Kavya’s friendship.

Samar asks Dimple why she messaged and called him out. Dimple says she doesn’t like what is happening. Samar asks what? Dimple says boys are stupid and can’t comprehend what is going on around them. He asks her to give him some details. As Dimple says, they both worked hard for the dance academy, and his family barged into their home when Anupama returned, trying to take their share and uproot them.

Samar tells her to calm down and stop these feelings in her head; when she was hurt and worried, this dance academy kept her busy and gave her a motto, and Anupama also needs distraction now, so it shouldn’t be a problem if she gets distracted from Anuj and Little Anu’s thoughts.

The way Anupama points out each item and Toshu’s interest in handling accounts indicate warning signs he cannot see. In the end, Samar says that this dance academy belongs to Anupama who supported her and fought against the whole world for her, and now she has problems with her. Dimple asks how he can think she has a problem with Anupama since she deserves credit for her hard work and efforts.

As soon as Toshu calls Samar and Dimple, they arrive. Toshu says there is an error in the entry because March’s income should be higher than February’s income with 6 new students. Samar checks and says the new students paid by check, but he forgot to deposit them. She tells Toshu that she isn’t just in charge of accounting here, but also teaches students, does marketing, and more; she’s overworked but not a fraud. Dimple wonders why he is giving an explanation when they are not thieves or embezzlers. Toshu did not mean that Samar says. Anupama says nobody is doubting her, they are just tallying accounts; she asks if anything bothers her.

Anupama asks Dimple to tell her something as Samar cannot. A lot of parents used to send their children here because of her, but because of her many, parents do not want to send their children here because of her. She is therefore considering changing the name of the academy from Anupama Dance Academy to something else. The news shocks Anupama and everyone.

Maaya imagines Anuj gifting her earrings and cosily taking a selfie with her while Anuj goes shopping. Anuj gets busy shopping. Vanraj reaches there. A sari is picked by Anuj for Anupama after checking Little Anu’s message. Vanraj picks the same sari. Anuj is shocked to see Vanraj. Despite coming here for some work, Vanraj was unable to reach Anuj. Kinjal asks Dimple if she has lost it and if she is serious about changing the academy’s name. Anupama says this academy is everything to her. If Anuj decides to leave, he asks him to leave entirely for good.

The name should be changed when they incur losses, Dimple says. Dimple’s life has been summarized by Pakhi; her husband and family didn’t support her when something bad happened to her, but Anupama supported her and even gave her a job at her dance academy and let her stay at her house.

Pakhi says in practice she is an outsider with no right to talk about Anupama or her dance academy, and as of now, even Samar doesn’t belong to her either, so she doesn’t even have a right to comment. Dimple says she is not referring to favours, but common sense. Samar comes to Dimple’s aid and says she didn’t mean that. Pakhi says he doesn’t understand Dimple’s intentions, but she does. Dimple says reminding someone of their favour is the worst thing in the world. Kinjal says forgetting someone’s favour is worse.

Due to Little Anu and Anuj leaving her, Dimple says Anupama is going through a rough period in her personal life, so she should dissociate herself from the academy to save her professional front. Kinjal says people criticized Dimple when she joined the academy, but Anupama didn’t throw her out.

Toshu tells Dimple that whatever she says, this academy belongs to Anupama and will always be hers. Dimple says it is, but she and Samar managed it; Anupama’s style is old, while her style is modern and youthful, and they made a lot of changes in this academy. Samar tries to stop her.

Samar warns Dimple to mind her language. Dimple says she and Samar worked hard on the academy’s marketing when Anupama was busy with her personal problems. Pakhi says stuff her hard work in her mouth and gets lost from here. Pakhi says Dimple should open her own academy if she has problems with this academy. This academy belongs to Anupama and will remain unchanged.

Dimple says she worked hard for this academy and cannot see it wasted. Samar says nothing is wasted. Dimple says everything will be destroyed if the name is not changed. Kinjal says Dimple overreacts. Samar is asked to explain how he tolerates Dimple’s nonsense when he was on Anupama’s side.

Samar says even now he is on Anupama’s side. Pakhi asks him why he tolerated Dimple’s nonsense like an obedient puppet boyfriend. Kinjal tells Pakhi to calm down and warns Dimple to talk some sense as this isn’t the right time. When they are checking accounts, Dimple says she is just telling them the facts.

Toshu asks why she gets touchy with accounts, it’s his mother’s academy and what’s wrong if he checks accounts? Samar asks him to calm down. Toshu asks him to shut Dimple’s toxic mouth. Pakhi says Dimple is ungrateful. Dimple warns her not to interfere with elders and mind her language.

As an outsider, Pakhi warns her not to be involved with them. Dimple shouts how dare she is at Samar. Pakhi says such girls misuse favours, whose parents don’t care about them, and Dimple deserves whatever happened to her. Toshu warns Samar to control Dimple. Dimple and Samar are warned by Kinjal to calm down and not discuss this matter with Anupama at this time.

When she doesn’t interfere between Kinjal and Toshu, why is she interfering between her and Samar? Toshu warns Dimple. Dimple continues to fight.

As Vanraj asks Anuj why he is silent, he feels good seeing him here. Anuj says he hopes things are fine there after he left. Vanraj says not at all, Anupama was searching for him and was crying inconsolably at Ram Mandir. Anuj says even he was here. Vanraj says it’s good that he’s with someone/Maaya. As Anuj tries to leave, Vanraj asks if he won’t ask about Anupama.

Anupama hands over the academy to Samar and Dimple. Vanraj shows the video and tells Anuj not to return to her life.

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