Anupama 4th March 2023 Written episode update

Anupama written update

Kavya laments she had taken advantage of Anupama’s kind nature and ruined her life. She insists history mustn’t repeat itself, so Maaya should not be put her in the same situation. However, Anupama fails to comprehend Kavya’s point. Kavya informs that Maaya has expressed her love for Anuj and everyone is taken aback. Kavya stresses love cannot be seized unceremoniously and recounts how Maaya had recently performed a fast for him and clandestinely touched his feet. Moreover, she discloses an incident when Maaya kissed Anuj during their picnic; this prompts a remorseful Anuj to think of the pact he had with Anupama about not having any secrets between them.

Baa begins to preach that single women always have their eyes on other men. Maaya has come to take the father along with the daughter, and Ankush also expresses his disgust.

Anupama asks Maaya whether Kavya’s statements are true. Maaya admits it’s all true, but she also says it’s one-sided. Only from her side. Anupama says that she doesn’t need any clarification about Anuj. She trusts him and does not need anyone to inform her of Anuj.

Vanraj asserts that Anupama is mistaken in trusting Anuj as nothing is ever one sided. He attempts to make clear to her that while she was preoccupied with Toshu in hospital, Maaya was with Anuj, so something could have happened then. Anuj interjects, telling him he won’t ever match up to Vanraj and that being disloyal is a trait of his. Despite this, Vanraj tries hard to explain to them all that he is human too and thus can err as well. But before he can continue further, Anupama interrupts stating it isn’t his place to interfere since the conversation involves only herself, Anuj and Maaya. She adds Anuj would never do something similar to what Vanraj did. Maaya expresses her love for Anuj saying he’s special and gave her respect which no man has ever done before. She says she saw true love in his eyes only for Anupama and it changed her opinion about men after seeing such an example – she saw the definition of a family whilst staying with them both which made her envision herself in Anupama’s position but vowed not to hurt her or snatch Anuj away from her either

Baa asks Anupama to get rid of Maaya . Vanraj says that Anupama will only throw Maaya out of the house after she is hurt. Additionally, he asks why Anuj did not share anything with Anupama if he didn’t have anything wrong in his mind. Hiding this from Anupama is a betrayal. The person only hides when his intentions aren’t noble.

A little doubt can ruin a relationship, and Maaya is sure that Vanraj’s words have caused Anupama to doubt herself.

Vanraj asks Anuj if he has lost his voice. Everyone wants to know why Anuj is quiet. Ankush and Barkha speak on behalf of Anuj. Vanraj repeats his question about why Anuj did not share the truth with Anupama.

Maaya replies. She asks Vanraj if he is aware that Kavya plans to start a new life with Anirudh.


Maaya agrees to leave, but under one condition. She will take Little Anu with her. Anupama tells Maaya that no woman will tolerate another woman taking care of her husband.

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