Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Seerat’s Sacrifices in Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Seerat throws a fit, complaining that she doesn’t have anything to wear at Ludhiana’s biggest party. Santosh offers her a sari, but she says it’s too dull. Keerat jokingly suggests she put a face pack on it, causing Santosh to boil over in anger and worry about how they will go to Brar’s now. Seerat continues her drama but is interrupted by Sahiba coming home and informing them that the passes for Brar’s party were sent by an anonymous person. Keerat guesses it has to be one of Seerat’s boyfriends, but they all agree that he would have already bragged about giving them the passes by now. This brings the problem of lacking proper clothing back yet again and Santosh then proposes the idea of renting fancy dresses from Daljeet Bhalla. Seerat is against this, however, so Sahiba tries to lift her spirits with a creative solution – stitch up a dress from the sari! She assures her sister that all that is needed is a needle and thread.

Angad was seething with fury when Garry questioned him about it. He told Garry that he had been trying to apprehend someone who had made the news of a prayer being cancelled public. Garry recollected the incident of bribing a servant and getting rid of his sim card. Seerat was getting her makeup done, wishing that Sahiba had chosen an appropriate dress for her. When Sahiba brought the selected outfit, Seerat didn’t find it pleasing; but she liked the decorated veil presented by her. At Brar’s house, Barfeer rang Angad and he went to her makeup room with Garry following him. On noticing him wearing Angad’s clothing, Barfeer asked Garry why he was wearing it, when in reality it had been bought for Angad. He started piecing together an emotional plea which eventually led to Angad still allowing him to wear it. Gurleen commented that both Angad and Garry could possibly fight over the same girl one day; this set Barfeer off as she ordered Gurleen not to joke about Angad again, promising that she will find a refined woman who is perfect for him.

Seerat is delighted to be wearing Sahiba’s dress and sad to spot her old earrings. Angad, infuriated by the shoddy decoration, reprimands the event organizer, prompting Garry to tease him that he may stay single forever in search of a perfect life partner. Angad then clarifies that he desires someone who loves their family and values emotions but is without fault in other aspects. Mika encourages him saying that flaws can actually make someone better. Out of love for Seerat, she exchanges her earrings with her and this gesture emotionally affects Santosh. Seerat expresses her gratitude whereas Keerat declines the offer to join them and Santosh begs Sahiba with no success as she has no desire of visiting Angad’s place again.

After forgetting party passes, Santosh and her daughters are denied entry into Brar’s mansion. Sahiba arrives and takes them in angrily.

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