Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s Emotional Turmoil

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Suman offering comfort to Natasha and urging her to return home. Chiku expresses remorse and embraces Natasha. However, she firmly declares that she must move on as nothing is left in their relationship. Suman silently nods in agreement as they make their way back home. Meanwhile, Dhawal turns to alcohol and reminisces about Natasha. Hetal takes the initiative to tidy his room, where she can’t help but be reminded of Natasha upon seeing her clothes. Overcome with emotion, she sheds tears. Just then, Amba enters, states that the girl has left their house for good, and advises Hetal to donate her belongings to the less fortunate. Together, they pack her clothes, and Amba offers to deliver them personally.

Dhawal imagines Natasha. Kattu asks him to come to his senses. He tells him you still love Natasha. Why don’t you believe that? In the morning, Isha hears Natasha murmur. She checks for water. Chiku meets Isha and kidnaps her. She asks who you are, leave me. She is shocked to see Chiku.

She asks why you got me here. He scolds her for making Natasha cry. He said your family will know the pain now. She says you aren’t such. He says shut up, I’m doing right, let your family find you madly. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved or not. You’ll worry now. She shouts. Chiku wakes up from his dream. He says Dhawal didn’t treat Natasha right.

Asmba tells Amrish that the divorce will take a long time. He says it will be done, a lawyer will arrive early and speed up the process, go to sleep. He thinks he’s going to break up the marriage. Chiku says I’m going to show Makhwanas what Pandyas can do. We have to try something else, use your mind, Suman says we don’t need to go anywhere, I am also angry, what will you do if you go there, you will beat them and get arrested, so we have to try something else.

Amba asks the lawyer to get the divorce done soon. Amrish talks to the lawyer. I have sent the annulment papers. Hetal is shocked and drops the tray. Pranali says Makhwanas can do anything. The lawyer says the divorce will take time. Amba asks if Dhawal has changed his mind…

Natasha expresses exhaustion and states that they should continue. Suman then suggests she sit down. Natasha emphasizes the importance of not forgetting those who betrayed them, regardless of their relation to them or their current circumstances. She believes that justice will be served to the Makhwanas. The lawyer proposes speeding up the divorce process by claiming the girl has mental health problems, but Amba argues that this is not true and asks for an alternative approach. Dhawal assures everyone that Natasha will not be falsely accused and promises that nothing negative will occur to her. However, the lawyer suggests tarnishing her character, which angers Dhawal.

We must punish them, otherwise they will cheat someone else. Suman explains to Natasha. The inspector says yes, it’s a big case, and I’ll get promoted. She invites Natasha to come. Dhawal beats the lawyer. Amrish asks Amrish to act. Dhawal shouts. Amrish calms him down.

Lawyer asks what’s this misbehavior, I suggested to solve the case soon, if Dhawal loves his wife, then why is he getting separated. The ladies protest against Makhwanas as Natasha watches. Suman says they have tortured Natasha mentally, so now this NGO is going to torture Makhwanas mentally, and I will punish them. The lawyer refuses to do the work. Amrish stops him and says come, we have old terms. Sit down. He gives him a blank check and says he will fight the case.

Amrish says Dhawal is correct; we won’t blame Natasha’s character; find another way. Natasha says no, it will be too much. Suman invites everyone to come.


Dhawal and Natasha are asked to stay together for six months. Natasha refuses, saying she wants separation as soon as possible. The judge says you might get permission to separate because the marriage has not been consummated yet.

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