Jhanak 30th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Grand Performance

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The episode opens with Jhanak expressing her anxiety. Chotan reassures her, stating they were invited to the event and that Anirudh would take care of everything. Jhanak then reveals she has no interest and has even forgotten how to dance. Chotan reminds her of the gift from the Lord and Anirudh’s plan to enter through the back entrance. She insists on entering through the main door with confidence for a heartfelt performance. Chotan explains that Anirudh’s strategy is for their big moment. Anirudh then happily greets Jhanak, expressing his joy at her arrival and urging her to focus on her performance as essential guests attend. The show continues with other performances.

Appu insists on singing only with Jhanak, but unfortunately, she is unwell and unable to attend. Despite this, Appu remains determined. Just then, Anirudh arrives and reminds Appu that she won’t be able to perform without facing consequences. To avoid any trouble, he has made arrangements for a replacement. However, Appu’s only wish is to see Jhanak. Much to her surprise, Jhanak suddenly appears, and their reunion brings joy to Appu’s face as they embrace. Anirudh reveals that Jhanak will be performing in place of Appu today, much to her delight. He also assures them that he will handle any issues at home that may arise from this plan change. Anjana expresses concern about possible disapproval from their family members, but Anirudh confidently states that from now on, no one can ignore Jhanak’s talent. Finally, Jhanak admits that she was hesitant to come but was brought here by Chotan for her good.

As Anjana explains, this is your chance to prove that you aren’t less. All the best. Anirudh asks Appu to perform. Jhanak will be here; it is a secret. Appu says okay. He tells her to get ready for the dance, all the best, and sing well. She thanks him and wishes Jhanak success. Everyone enjoys the performances. Appu is called on stage. Anirudh says don’t worry, you will rock it. Brij meets Shrishti and Arshi. She says I’m going to perform with my daughter today. He blesses her.

Anirudh wishes her all the best. Appu, pointing to the crowd, remarks that so many people are present. This causes everyone to laugh. Shubh sheepishly says this is quite embarrassing. Trying to save face, Shrishti informs Brij about Appu’s relationship with Anirudh and describes her as being mentally vulnerable. Tanuja and Shubh chime in by calling both Anirudh and Appu foolish. However, Appu counters by expressing her happiness over Jhanak’s appearance at the event. Her words take everyone by surprise. Furious at Appu’s sudden outburst, Shrishti voices her anger towards Anirudh for keeping them in the dark about Jhanak’s presence. But Arshi interjects and defends Appu’s actions. As Brij inquires about Jhanak’s whereabouts, a visibly flustered Shrishti declares that she will not perform if Jhanak shows up. Despite the tension in the air, Appu manages to impress everyone by singing beautifully and bringing a smile on Jhanak’s face.

Everyone claps. Appu asks if you liked it, and the people say yes. She says to call Jhanak. Anjana takes her. Arshi tells Shrishti to relax. She says Jhanak isn’t here; Anjana is with Appu. As Shrishti says, our performance will follow the new face segment. When will the other artist perform?


As Jhanak performs, Arshi and Shrishti get angry and leave. Anirudh is shocked.

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