Jhanak 6th December 2023 Written Episode: Anirudh and Jhanak’s Dramatic Wedding Unfolds!

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The Episode begins with Anirudh and Jhanak seated in the mandap. He expresses his concerns, stating that it’s unfair to go through with the marriage as Arshi has been of great help to them. Jhanak acknowledges his point but reminds him that they must follow the villagers’ wishes. She assures him that they can go their separate ways once they leave. Anirudh repeats that he doesn’t agree to this arrangement. Jhanak understands but feels she has no choice since her life has changed drastically and he is her only support system. She cannot risk anything happening to him and must ensure his safe departure. The marriage is just a pretense, a means to an end, and they need not take it seriously. The man wants the pandit to hurry up with the rituals.

Tejas instructs not to contact a doctor for Bhavani to prevent her death, as he is more concerned about finding Jhanak and earning back his respect. He then exits. Anirudh receives a call from Arshi. Jhanak reassures him that it was all just an act and he can return to Arshi tomorrow, apologizing for the deception. Arshi calls once more. Shrishti expresses her worries over Jhanak’s true intentions, drawing comparisons between her and Urvashi. Eventually, Jhanak and Anirudh exchange garlands while the melodious tune of “Tanha sa dil hai” plays in the background, returning memories of Arshi for Anirudh. Meanwhile, Shrishti doubts Jhanak’s ability to manipulate Anirudh, and Arshi suggests talking to Badi Mami instead. She then proceeds to call Kaushalya.

Shrishti inquires about Anirudh’s whereabouts to Kaushalya, who informs her that Bharat has gone to search for him. She reveals that Anirudh had left with some acquaintances and has news for Shrishti – Jhanak is tying the knot with Tejas today. As Anirudh reminisces about Arshi, he participates in Jhanak’s wedding ceremony. Arshi disapproves of the marriage, but Kaushalya defends it, saying Jhanak is fortunate to marry Tejas. When asked if Jhanak agreed willingly, Kaushalya affirms, and Shrishti rejoices at the good news. Kaushalya also mentions that it bodes well for their family and invites Arshi to their engagement celebration.

Kaushalya assures them that they will be coming. Anirudh applies sindoor in Jhanak’s hair parting, while the pandit declares them as a married couple. Tejas visits the police station and pleads for them to find Jhanak for the sake of his reputation. Jhanak clarifies that she and Anirudh do not consider this marriage valid, and she intends to search for her father and confront him. She assures Rahul that she will make sure to stay safe. He hands her a diary, and she bids him farewell before leaving. As Jhanak leaves, a woman hands her some photographs of Urvashi. The people apologize to Anirudh and request him to try to understand Jhanak as a friend. Lastly, Jhanak affirms that she will return since this house is her home and everyone here is like family.

The inspector asks the staff to look for Jhanak at each check post. Anirudh and Jhanak leave in the car. She recalls Urvashi and cries. The man says we do not know anything, and we must tell Tejas about it. When Anirudh and Jhanak arrive at the checkpoint, Tejas says to check every car carefully. They are looking for me, Jhanak says, don’t do anything.

I cannot face myself, Anirudh replies. The inspector asks him to respond. He says wait, let me handle it. The inspector asks who this girl is and shows me her face. Anirudh says we just got married, and we came on a honeymoon. The inspector says ask her to show me her face. As I don’t see her face, I will try. He asks Jhanak to show her face to Sir. She lifts her veil. Jhanak becomes tense.


He reads Urvashi’s letter and is shocked. He shouts and runs after Jhanak.

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