Pandya Store 18th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Faces Tough Choices!

Pandya Store

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The Episode begins with Natasha pondering how to inform Suman of the truth, as there is nothing more important than her. Pranali then approaches Hetal and requests some onions. Hetal assures her that she cannot ask and can take them. Dolly then urges Hetal to cook for her, as her chef has fallen ill from food poisoning. Hetal agrees but reminds Dolly not to tell Amba, or else they will get scolded. Both of them share a smile. Unable to reach Hetal on one call, Natasha tries calling Dolly instead. Dolly answers, and Natasha expresses her desire to speak with Hetal.

Dolly asks why you didn’t call Hetal. Hetal asks Natasha what’s up. Natasha asked if you would like to meet at the college. Hetal says no, I cannot come because Amrish broke my phone after learning about the Rakhi incident. Natasha says you have to meet me. Natasha says you have to go and meet me. In response to Hetal’s reply, Natasha says you can meet Dhawal at college, tell him at home, and I will wait for you. She ends the call. Hetal inquires what she should do next.

Dhawal says you should get him a tiffin and meet Natasha. Hetal says fine. Dolly says we won’t tell anyone. They hug. Dhawal sees Natasha in college. Natasha collides with some guy. The guy falls. She picks up the papers. Praveen introduces himself. Dhawal arrives there. Dhawal gets jealous. Natasha leaves. Praveen says Natasha is an incredible girl. He punches Praveen.

Praveen says Natasha is my wife, so she’ll be your sister. Dhawal beats him more. Natasha stops Dhawal. She apologizes to Praveen. She argues with Dhawal. Dolly makes a reel. Amba comes and asks for Hetal. She says Hetal has gone to college. Pranali pinches Dolly and hints her. Pranali says what are you signing her? Tell me where Hetal is. She says Hetal was worried, so she took the tiffin.

Amba reassures Hetal that it’s alright and she will eventually come to meet her. With a heavy heart, Natasha shares with Hetal her struggle of standing up for herself, mentioning Suman’s sensitivity and how it affected her. She admits to retracting her statement about Dhawal and Amrish being at fault to pacify Suman and return home. The tears start to fall as she feels helpless. Hetal sympathizes but knows she can offer no assistance due to Amrish’s anger and disregard for her presence in the household.

Amrish comes and sees them. Hetal tells him Chiku is the natural heir of the store, Chiku works for him, and Amrish intends to buy it directly from Chiku. Natasha is shocked. Hetal says I’m helpless. I wish you your return. Natasha cries and says she’s sorry. He asks what talks are happening. Hetal says you didn’t have breakfast; I got you tiffin, saw Natasha, and spoke with her. She gives the tiffin to Natasha and leaves. Natasha and Dhawal have a moment. Roke na ruke naina…plays….

I will explain everything to everyone and get you back if you give me hope that you want to return, Dhawal thinks. I don’t think your mall will ever be built so I will refund our money. Amrish breaks his phone and asks what to do. Natasha wonders if Chiku will give Amrish the store. Chiku visits Pandya store.


She comes to Makhwana house. Amrish says we don’t need you now, so we will get to the Pandya store. Natasha shows Amrish the papers and says I’ll give it to him.

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