Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Talents Shine Bright

Anupama written update

Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashpal’s mother enthusiastically praises the tea, calling it Amrit and insisting that people would line up for it if Yashpal were to sell it. Her initial anger dissipates after sipping the tea, and she even bestows a new name upon him: Annapurna, or “Ann” for short. Her kind words deeply move Anupama. Yashpal’s mother offers her some money, but Anupama politely declines. Undeterred, she again asks Anupama to accept the money as a gift. Yashpal interjects, reminding his Bebe that they are running late. She agrees to leave and instructs Anupama to lock up properly and tidy the place before departing.

Anupama believes her talent is coming to play, first dancing, and now cooking, and this might work for her. Later, she thanks God for saving her from Yashpal’s anger, otherwise she would have been on the road or jail. Then she prays to God for Toshu-Kinjal, telling him they live in the same country but don’t know if they wish to meet. She then prays for Pakhi and Choti. She says goodnight, Bappa, and goes to sleep. She gets flashes of Aadhya and wonders what her relationship is.

Ansh approached Baa, inquiring about Dadu’s whereabouts. Baa informed him that Dadu had traveled to Jamnagar for a wedding. Ansh then questioned if they had not invited her. Baa acknowledged that she had received an invitation, but she could not leave early due to essential tasks. Ansh playfully teased her as Dimpy brought in some tea. Baa mentioned her plans to take Ansh to Jamnagar, but Dimpy expressed concern over his upcoming studies and homework. Vanraj interjected, stating that it would only strengthen his roots. Despite Dimpy’s objections, Vanraj insisted that Ansh would accompany them. During their conversation, Pakhi arrived with her daughter, and Ansh took away the child’s toy, causing Ishani to burst into tears.

Pakhi mentions that her daughter is crying, and Dimpy takes care of her, asking her to stop crying. She adds that history tends to repeat itself, just like the way their mother used to handle Meenu. Vanraj wonders why she didn’t inform him about her arrival. Baa chimes in, saying there is no need as they are not in a foreign country. Pakhi reveals that she’s handling an online store now. Dimpy asks if she spoke to Adhik, and Pakhi replies that he calls to talk to Ishani, but she doesn’t let him. She explains that she doesn’t want to see him after their divorce and questions who Adhik is if she doesn’t even meet her mother. She then asks Dimpy to make cold coffee for her and bring it to her room while caring for Ishani.

In Dimpy’s presence, Ishani and Ansh are fed laddoos. Baa asks Vanraj if we should tell her about her mother’s trip to America. Vanraj asks why you are taking her name and says that her mother is gone from our minds and hearts. He asks why you are taking her name. Aadhya comes to Shruti’s room and asks if she can use her laptop. Shruti says yes. Anupama’s photo is displayed on Aadhya’s laptop.

Shruti introduces herself as Joshi Ben, an employee of Spice and Chutney’s restaurant. She is known for her fantastic cooking skills and has her channel. Anuj comments that she must be a big fan of AK, who cooked for her using his recipe. Shruti agrees and mentions that anyone who meets AK becomes a fan. She then asks Anuj to check out a photo of hers. Aadhya, however, declines as she needs to work on her school project. Shruti and Anuj exited the room, leaving Aadhya with childhood memories that prompted her to delete Anupama’s photos from the laptop.

Upon hearing that Dimpy is handling your daughter and doing household work, Baa asks Pakhi if you cannot. As Pakhi says, I’m working. Baa says Dimpy also has a lot of work to do. In her opinion, housework is not work, but a lot of work I am doing, which puts a lot of pressure on my head. Kavya says, “Oh really?” Baa greets her and asks about Mahi. Mahi says she is delicate but fragile. Pakhi says growing kids are weak, but Kavya knows the difference.

Pakhi praises herself for managing her business and daughter, questioning who would leave their child in a hostel. Kavya mentions that the business has been losing money since the beginning, but Pakhi’s father makes up for it. She wonders what Dimpy is doing and compares her to Anupama. Baa adds that if Vanraj were to hear this, he would be furious. Just then, Dimpy arrives and asks Kavya about Mahi’s well-being. After confirming that Mahi is doing better, Dimpy asks if she wants something to drink or eat. Kavya declines, and Dimpy turns to Pakhi to offer her coffee. However, Pakhi desires black coffee instead of sleep. Apologizing, Dimpy leaves while Kavya goes to freshen up. Pakhi points out that Kavya couldn’t handle her daughters-in-law properly, leading Baa to inform her that she brings trouble for her father.

Vikram tells Anupama that this tea does not need publicity. She says I have kept it here to lift Sir’s mood. Vikram says don’t burden the tea. Anupama said her boss’ murder was great and gave me one dollar because she liked my tea. Vikram says Sir might have been angry and jokes about it. He then tells that someone broke his heart, and since then, he has suffered from a broken heart. Vikram says he can heal it. Anupama says it pains a lot, and you can’t remember how life was before.

Shruti comes there and says Joshi ben. She asks if masalas are ground. Anupama says yes. Shruti says her fiance liked the tea, asks if she is Joshi Ben, and shows her channel. Seeing your bracelet, Shruti says I understand. She will ask Yashpal ji to add a Gujarati friend to the menu. Vikram approves. Anupama gives her masala tea dust. Shruti says of course I need it. Anupama asks when you will marry him.

In Shruti’s words, we’ll be living together and staying with her daughter very soon. She prays for their happiness and togetherness. Shruti says the mother is a mother, not good, bad, real, or stepmother. Shruti asks if you’ll become my friend and says we share something in common and will capture this moment together. She takes a selfie with her and asks about her number. Anupama gives Vikram’s phone number to her. When Shruti receives Anuj’s call, she says she’ll make her meet her fiance soon but will leave now.


Anupama and Vikram informed Yashpal that they will have more dining customers and need more help. Yashpal asks Anupama and Vikram to prepare food fast. Anupama surprises Yashpal by making food fast. For her daughter Aadhya’s birthday party, Shruti calls Anupama and asks if she can come to her house to make Indian food.

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