Suhaagan 8th November 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya’s Shocking Revelation Unfolds in Court


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The episode opens with Bindiya stepping out and realizing she needs to inform Payal about her phone. However, upon checking, she discovers that it has been switched off. Unbeknownst to her, Payal was the one who had turned it off. Bindiya notices multiple missed calls and decides to call her lawyer for assistance. The lawyer advises Bindiya to attend a special hearing at the court. When she arrives at the courthouse, the judge informs her that Chopra has obtained permission for the case hearing. Chopra states his intention to prove that Bindiya had coerced Krishna into their relationship and presents photos of her with another man as evidence. Meanwhile, Payal remembers colluding with Chopra when he threatened to withdraw from the case if Krishna refused to defame Bindiya in court.

Payal inquires about what to do. He responds with instructions. The Judge gazes at the photographs, his expression filled with shock. Bindiya’s attorney questions Chopra about the evidence he is presenting. The lawyer inquires if Bindiya has any notion of its significance. She admits she does not. Krishna asks Chopra for an explanation regarding the contents of the envelope. Bindiya pleads with her lawyer to speak up. The lawyer prompts the Judge to reveal the source of this new evidence and its relevance to the case. Amused, the Judge suggests that he see it for himself. After witnessing it, the lawyer’s face reflects utter astonishment as Krish and Bindiya also observe, bewildered. Meanwhile, Bindiya is taken aback as she recalls bumping into a man and accidentally falling on him earlier that day. In a sinister manner, Payal smirked as it was revealed that this was part of her devious plot.

In her eyes, Bindiya sees the photos with tears and looks up at Payal, who smiles. She feels disgusted. Chopra shows the pictures in court, and defames Bindiya by saying this is the truth about her. People in the court make nasty comments about Bindiya. Krish hears them. Payal smiles happily. She sees now that it is all Payal’s plan. Payal switched off her phone and had planned everything. She believes you have planned a big conspiracy to trap me.

As Indu says, the mess will be cleared today. Baldev calls Krish, but he refuses to answer. Sakshi asks what Chopra got and why he kept this particular hearing. Vikram says case proceedings must be underway. Nidhi says that’s why there’s a divorce. Baldev says nothing wrong with Bindiya. He says he’ll go. Pankaj says he’ll go, too. According to Chopra, Bindiya has many lovers because she is rich, young, and beautiful. She asks him to stop it and tells Judge that it’s fake.

Chopra reminds her not to make a false statement in the judge’s presence. Bindiya accuses him of doing exactly that. He claims that Bindiya intends to marry Krishna solely for his wealth. He questions why any woman would willingly stay in a relationship where her husband loves her sister more than she does. The onlookers agree, stating that this is the reality and Bindiya’s actions are driven by greed. They suspect Payal and Chopra have manipulated these people to spread false rumors about Bindiya. However, Bindiya’s lawyer assures Chopra that his client cannot be framed and falsely accused without consequence. Despite this, Chopra insists that Bindiya has even given 5 lakhs to her previous lover as proof of her deceit.

Krish remembers encountering Payal (who approached Krish after deceiving Bindiya) in the car. He learns from Payal that Bindiya had pledged the farm and came here to meet someone. Confused, Krish inquires why she would do that, and Payal reveals her fear that Bindiya may potentially use it against them. Dispelling her worries, Krish asks for Bindiya’s whereabouts, to which Payal replies that she followed her there out of apprehension. Krish then shares how Chopra obtained special permission from the judge and plans to eliminate Bindiya today. Payal affirms her knowledge of the plan before the flashback concludes.

Judge Bindiya promises to speak truthfully, to which Chopra responds that it will not be her but his witness who will do the talking. Baldev and Pankaj arrive on the scene and sense that something may have gone wrong. The witness proceeds to badmouth Bindiya while praising Chopra. Then the man who had accidentally collided with Bindiya also appears as a witness. This comes as a shock to Bindiya. According to Chopra, he is the key witness and urges him to tell the truth. The man then claims that he and Bindiya were involved in an affair, stating that she even paid him off to leave town as she wanted to end things between them. Chopra questions if he ended a long-standing relationship for just five lakh rupees, but the man insists that their love was genuine and she did not force him, although he has been broken since she ended things.

Once again, hurtful comments are directed at Bindiya. Despite this, Payal maintains a smile. The man presents the bag as evidence in court and declares that he does not want five lakh rupees; he wants his Bindiya back. Baldev becomes agitated, but Pankaj intervenes to calm him down. The man labels the Shukla family’s daughter-in-law as shameless and immoral. Another woman chimes in, stating that she is a disgrace to womanhood. The lawyer reminds Bindiya that she failed to answer his call and did not inform him about the situation. He urges her to stand up for herself. Bindiya protests and denies involvement with the man or the photo. She explains that she ran into him while encountering another criminal demanding money from Payal. However, Payal accuses her of lying and trying to implicate her in the situation. Feeling shocked, Bindiya is at a loss for words.

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