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The episode begins with Bindiya receiving accolades from the villagers for successfully resolving the water issue. Meanwhile, Amy captures a video of Payal stealing the teacher’s phone and promptly informs Phoolmati. Shocked, Phoolmati accuses Amy ourning Payal into a thief by recording the incident in high definition. Master ji questions Payal’s actions as she visits the mobile store to purchase a phone, reminding her that she was seen wandering around yesterday and today. In response, Payal claims she was on her way home and decides to postpone her phone purchase for later.

She asks the teacher if she is searching for anything. She replies that she is searching for her wallet. Amy asks if it has money. The teacher replies that yes, she got her paycheck yesterday. She says your wallet may be stolen, so she asks her to tell the village that it has been stolen. Amy says she will assist her, and the teacher agrees. Amy says your wallet and you both seem strange to me.

With a bright smile, Bindiya rushes home and proudly presents the garland to Dadi. She explains that Lallan and Madan’s troublesome behavior has come to an end. However, she admits that trust is still hard to come by. Dadi reassures her, saying that she believes in her and knows that she will always do what is right. Bindiya then informs Dadi of her big day but reveals that Payal is upset with her for some reason. She needs to go talk to her and make things right. Dadi agrees, mentioning that it’s great news since Bindiya will receive a reward tomorrow from the villagers. Excited about this news, Amy relays the same information to Phoolmati.

Phoolmati claps, relishing the idea that one sister will be rewarded and the other humiliated. She waits eagerly for this day. On the other hand, Payal has her mind set on buying a new phone to prove to Amy that she is capable of doing so. Determined, she prepares to head to school. Bindiya, however, advises her against it, but Payal insists on going and even suggests what dress Bindiya should wear. Upon arriving at the mobile shop, Payal confidently asks for the phone she wants. The shopkeeper questions where she got the money from, to which Payal responds by saying she had saved up for it. However, he expresses doubt upon seeing more money with her and mentions that a teacher’s wallet was stolen yesterday. This causes Payal to sit down and scan her surroundings nervously.

The Sarpanch urges Bindiya to accept her prize, but she hesitates and asks if they can wait for Payal. However, the Sarpanch insists that they cannot delay any longer and encourages her to take it. Bindiya eventually accepts the fan as everyone claps in celebration. Just then, Payal arrives and Bindiya greets her enthusiastically. However, she notices Phoolmati coming with a sinister expression on her face and becomes concerned. The villagers also question why Phoolmati has suddenly changed her appearance. Bindiya turns to Payal and asks if something has happened with their Bua, to which Payal responds by embracing her. Phoolmati interjects and denies causing any trouble, claiming that everyone should be happy today.

Despite being in jail, the Sarpanch says you did not get better. Phoolmati says you’ll be there for stealing things again and again. Payal says she’s lying. Phoolmati calls her daughter Rose. Payal is shocked and says Amy…you lied to me. Rose asks whether I told you I was not Rose. She shows Payal’s video to everyone on her new tablet. Rose and Phoolmati both smile.

Teacher questioned Amy about why she had not disclosed the issue earlier. Phoolmati stated that she had wanted to publicly expose Payal. In response, Payal accused Amy of instigating her to steal. Phoolmati added that Payal had committed the act willingly and insinuated that Bindiya may have influenced her to do so. Bindiya, however, denied any involvement in stealing and emphasized that it was against her values. Phoolmati then reminded everyone of how she had warned the Panchayat not to trust the disrespectful girls under Amma’s care. She pointed out that it had only been a few days since they were placed in Amma’s custody and they were already engaging in theft. She mockingly criticized Dadi’s parenting and requested Bindiya to speak up as well. Turning to the villagers, she questioned their opinions on whether Bindiya could afford her own expenses or not, and urged them to take action against Payal at least. The villagers collectively agreed that Sarpanch should punish Payal; one villager suggested keeping her in jail for two days as a way for her to learn honesty.


Payal blames Bindiya for not getting her phone and makes her a thief. Bindiya asks why Payal stays with me. Payal says let’s separate.

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