Suhaagan 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Amma’s Troubling Night and Payal’s Schemes


Suhaagan 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dadi asks Bindiya to free her hands as she lies on the bed. She covers herself with the blanket. Amma tells her. Bindiya covers the blanket and sings a lullaby. Amma sleeps. Vikram and Krish ask Baldev about Amma. Baldev responds that the evil secret has something to do with Amma. He asks Baldev why he hid. Baldev says I thought I would tell you all the truth about Amma when you are mature enough, but you didn’t understand. Indu suggests everyone go to their rooms, and everything will be fine in the morning.

As Indiya leaves her room, she thinks she shouldn’t look at the door. She hears Payal threatening Nidhi and saying that she will not come in her way until she comes in her way. She confronts her and says you can only threaten, lie, and betray your qualities. She says you are more poisonous than the poison. Payal says enough, how much you will praise me.

Bindiya says you can’t win from me. She says this is your arrogance, and you will be destroyed one day. She thinks I’ll reveal you to Krishna ji. Payal says he’ll listen to whatever I tell him. She says she understands my Krish baby. I use him as a toy, and he dances to my beat.

Bindiya says there is a difference between you and me. You want him to dance to your tune, and I want him to stay with me for the rest of my life. Payal says your God threw you out of the house. Bindiya says, and then he makes way for her entry. She says I will expose you wherever you are. Payal asks if it is so easy.

Indiya says she doesn’t know. I prefer easy work. She says she has worked hard since childhood. Payal asks her to get out and says I’ll make sure you don’t lose. Krish sees Bindiya coming and sits down on her feet. She says you have killed my baby and asks why you want to kill me now. Krish scolds Bindiya and asks how dare you beat Payal? Bindiya says she did nothing wrong.

For your so-called suhaag, Krist asks her not to come to Payal. When Amma arrives, she gets flashes of the past and sees Bindiya at her place and Payal at Kaveri’s. When she comes near them, she says she will kill Kaveri. Amma hurts Bindiya’s hand and pushes her. She then bites Krish’s hand.

Paypal hides behind Krish. Bindiya asks Amma to calm down. Amma bites Bindiya’s hand. Baldev injects her. Amma faints. Indu scolds Bindiya for leaving the room. She asks why Bindiya left the room. Bindiya apologizes to Indu. Indu instructs her to take her to the room and not come out until the morning.

Taking Amma from there, they make Amma rest on the bed. Bindiya feels pain in her hand. Krish feels terrible for her but then thinks she had pushed Payal, resulting in her miscarriage (fake), and leaves.

During a conversation with Nikku, Krish asks Nikku how she can forget about her baby. She says time will heal everything. Krish says this is the pain that cannot be healed in time. He looks at the moon. Bindiya also looks at the moon and cries. She ties Amma’s hair in the morning and makes her look in the mirror.

She asks Amma if she can close the door and if she will get angry. Bindiya says she’ll bring flowers. Amma says no. Payal enters and opens the door. Despite having her hands tied, she says this old lady has hurt Bindiya, and if her hands are open, she will kill her. Amma thinks Amma is attacking her. She says I will provoke her using Kaveri’s name. She comes to Amma and says your Kaveri tied you outside and that she is terrible.

She refers to Bindiya as Kaveri. She says if your hands are open, then? Amma says I will kill her. Payal says I’ll free your hands. She says this isn’t Amma, but your destruction. Payal frees her hand and says she shouldn’t leave Kaveri. When Bindiya arrives at Pallu’s place, she asks her why she’s here and why you freed her hands. Payal tells Amma not to leave Kaveri, pointing at Bindiya. Bindiya was stunned.

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