Suhaagan 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya Faces Krish’s Rejection


Suhaagan 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Baldev questioning Krish about how long he intends to harbor bitterness in his heart. Krish responds with a lifetime. Bindiya pleads with him not to let it consume him, explaining that bitterness can become poison over time. Krish mentions that he is only tolerating her presence for the sake of his grandmother. Bindiya adds that she, too, is there for Dadi, or else she would have been with her grandmother. Indu reprimands Bindiya and instructs Krish to sit and eat. Meanwhile, Bindiya heads to the kitchen to grab a bite but is met with empty utensils. She then notices the servants and guards feasting on food.

Bhabhi, you are here. Sapna gets up and says Bhabhi, you are here. Bindiya asks if I can eat with you all. Sapna asks how you can eat with us. Bindiya says even I am human, too. Sapna asks her to sit. Bindiya says she will serve the food. The guard gives her food from his plate. Bindiya says she will eat tomorrow, but Sapna stops her and asks her to eat from her hands. She makes her eat.

As the guard and others offer her roti and sabzi from their plates, Krish gazes at Bindiya in surprise. He questions Indu if Bindiya hasn’t eaten anything yet. Indu defends Bindiya by reminding Krish of his rule not to let her dine with them and says she is thriving among the servants. Baldev enters and points out how Bindiya has managed to win over the servants’ hearts, demonstrating her charming personality. Krish heartlessly declares that even if she wins over the servants, she will never have a place in his heart. Baldev becomes emotional witnessing her dining with the servants.

When Bindiya prepares for court, she tells Baldev that Amma has been given food and medicine. Upon arriving, Amma tells Bindiya not to leave. Bindiya asks what to do now. Baldev says that the court date will be postponed. Krish says the date will not be delayed, that it is Bindiya’s responsibility, and that she will devise a solution.

A doctor says she will not do any work for Payal when she meets her in the cafeteria. Payal blackmails her and tells her she won’t be able to do her job if she doesn’t do it. She is told that her license will be canceled if she doesn’t complete her work, but it won’t hurt her (Payal/herself) because her lie will only be revealed. During the meeting, Krish assured her that the date would not be postponed and said if it continued to be delayed, he would spend the rest of his life with Bindiya. Indu says that the date will not be delayed.

Bindiya tells Baldev she can’t go because Amma is there. When Bindiya gets there, she says she’s ready. She prepares Amma in a lovely saree, headphones, goggles, etc. Everyone is surprised to see her. Vikram asks where Amma is going to become a hip-hopper. Sakshi says she’s fine and asks him to become a joker. Bindiya tells Krish that Amma will come along.

Bindiya mentions that Amma is calm with her headphones on, and then Baldev approaches her. Krish suggests taking Amma for a ride on the scooter, to which Bindiya questions how she can do that and instead asks him to take her. Payal proudly shows Dr. Trupti a photo, claiming she has the upper hand. In court, Krish, Bindiya, Amma, and Baldev are present when Krish decides to call Nikku and request that Payal not come as they have Amma with them. Nikku agrees to pass on the message before turning around to find Rose standing there. He quickly informs her about Payal while Krish stops at a red light.

Amma catches sight of a girl sporting Manohar’s name tattoo and erupts, shouting, “Kaveri…I will kill you!” The young lady swiftly hops into an auto and drives off, leaving Amma in a frenzy. Krish gets out of the car to check if Payal is present, but she is nowhere to be found. He returns to the vehicle and informs Amma that no sign of her. Bindiya reassures Amma that she is just imagining things and suggests listening to a song by Dev Anand to calm down. As they go to court, Bindiya’s lawyer confidently declares they have ample evidence to win the case. On the other hand, Krish’s lawyer assures him that the divorce will be finalized today. However, Amma spots the same girl once again and becomes agitated.


In court, Krish appeals that he doesn’t want to stay with Bindiya because he feels trapped and wants out. The judge tells Bindiya that Krish will not stay with her and asks her what she thinks.

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