Suhaagan 5th May 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 5th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Bindiya recalls her father’s words that she will sit in the big office as an officer after getting an education. Payal goes to the market to buy vegetables and tells the vendor that Bua will pay him tomorrow. Payal says that now she can never come to school. Master ji is shocked. Bindiya warms the water with much difficulty, thinking about how Dadi would give it to Phoolmati.

She is told to boil it again by Phoolmati. Bindiya keeps the water boiling and goes to Dadi. She talks to the unconscious Dadi and asks her to get up. She says that she will soon be fine. Phoolmati calls her. The water seems hot to Bindiya, so she thinks she should mix some cold water with it. She goes to get some water.

The bucket is taken by Bhim. Phoolmati shouts and puts her foot in the water. Bindiya tells her not to keep her foot in the water. Phoolmati asks if she wants to kill her. She asks Bindiya what she will do with them. She takes the bucket and is ready to pour hot water on Bindiya.

The water falls on the floor. Indiya hugs Payal. Master ji sees everything and confronts her for all their wrongdoings. Phoolmati asks him not to lecture her and asks him to take the girls with him if he sympathizes with them. Master Ji keeps his head down. Phoolmati tells him that if he doesn’t go, she will humiliate him. Master Ji goes.

The guests come home. Phoolmati tells them the directions to the house. Phoolmati praises the girls in front of them. The lady asks if they go to school. Phoolmati replies yes. She sends them to get a cold drink. The girls run from the orphanage when they hear Phoolmati seeing the orphanage and the guy telling her that they will take care of Bindiya and Payal well.

Moolmati shouts and asks Bhim to get them back. The girls run. Payal suggests going to Master Ji’s house, but Bindiya refuses to take responsibility. They hide under the tree. Bhim continues to look for them. Payal asks Bindiya if she is not scared to hide here as snakes can be there. Bindiya says she was more afraid at home. She says they will go when the orphanage people return.

Bindiya and Payal hear some girls say their Dadi is dead. They rush home. Phoolmati catches them and hands them over to the orphanage.

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