Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya1

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Episode on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Ranbir tells Prachi that he loves her, and asks if she cannot see it. Prachi says it’s too late. Ranbir says he’s here, and he’ll make everything perfect for her. Prachi asks him to make sure the marriage rituals have begun and the ceremonial knot has been tied. I have thrown it, Ranbir says.

In addition to handling the baraatis and guests, he says the bride will be the same, but the groom will be different. Akshay asks if I will wait while applying mehendi to my hands. He says Prachi and I are inseparable. Ranbir asks him to leave Prachi’s hand and move back. Akshay asks him to leave. He tells Akshay that Prachi still loves him, and asks him what he will do if both husband and wife agree. Akshay pushes him away. Prachi asks Akshay to stop and holds Ranbir’s hand. She tells Akshay this is the real Ranbir, who she had met, who she used to know, who used to love her a lot.

In her opinion, he is only Ranbir now, and she has realized that love is the key to life. Yaara ve…plays. Prachi says I won’t let him go, because I want Ranbir, and she loves him. She asks him not to leave her. Akshay replies, but. Prachi says she belongs to her husband, and he is mine and I am his.

She says that nobody can change my decision. Prachi and Ranbir hug happily. Shahana gives Ranbir sindoor. Ranbir takes it and fills Prachi’s hairline. Akshay closes his eyes. The song plays…aap hamari jaan bangaye…Ranbir promises Prachi that her kumkum will be hers. She says, “Your name is mangalsutra.” As soon as the showpiece stand falls, Ranbir emerges from his long imagination scene and sees Prachi sitting with Akshay. The goons arrive, make him smell chloroform, and put him in a wheelchair.

Aaliya says you are ruining things, and Rhea disagrees. Aaliya says Ranbir left you again and you are acting as if it isn’t a big deal. Rhea says yes, but they are her family. Aaliya asks what your family is up to. They are just about to see Pallavi arrive and she asks why you are standing there like this.

She sees Rhea crying and asks Aaliya what she is doing here. She asks where is Ranbir. She asks why the marriage has been halted. Pallavi asks what has happened. Rhea hugs Pallavi and cries. As Aaliya says, Ranbir left Rhea on the mandap and left for Prachi once again. Pallavi says how dare Ranbir do this and says he will come, I’ll bring him back. She says he’ll marry you, and just then she sees police coming and stops.

Akshay’s mother asks Shahana to smile a bit. Vishaka enters the scene as she is bringing the bangles. Ashok says this is my elder sister Vishaka Didi. Vishaka asks if I am late. Without you, Akshay would not have been able to get married. Vishaka compliments her entry. Akshay’s mother is about to take the bangles. Vishaka refuses to allow her to take it, saying she had travelled eight hours to Kulldevi’s temple.

Abhay greets everyone. Ashok tells him that he is a relative’s son Abhay. Bua asks Pandit ji to start the marriage for her nephew’s would-be wife. As the goons are taking Ranbir in a wheelchair, Akshay watches him and asks what he will be doing here, since today is also his wedding day. Ashok says I’ll check. The police arrive. Pallavi asks why they came.

Aaliya says she has called him as Dida slapped her. She asks him to arrest Dida. Rhea looks at her. Aaliya says she is not selfless like her, and won’t leave her. Inspector says she is old. Aaliya demands that the Inspector arrest her because she could have died as a result of the slap. He agrees. The goons are taking Ranbir out. Shahana comes there and asks if they are decorators. She asks them to leave the person and come here. She asks who is he. She can’t see his face. Prachi senses Ranbir’s presence.


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