Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Prachi comes to the dining table, Divya says no work has been done and we are losing money. Vishaka says Khushi will do the work. Poorvi says she is coming, that’s enough. She says she has come and tells her that she has heard her big car sound and praises her as she has increased their respect in the community. Khushi arrives in her car. Ashutosh rides his scooter and greets Khushi.

As Khushi steps out of the car, muddy water splashes onto her dupatta. Irritated, she informs Ashutosh that his scooty has ruined her clothing. However, he insists that his vehicle is not dirty and offers to clean it with a cloth. Surprisingly, instead of wiping off the stains on her dupatta, he focuses on cleaning the tyre of his scooty. Grateful for his understanding, Khushi suggests that he parks his scooty outside. Agreeing to her request, Ashutosh mentions that he will also repair it himself. He then asks Khushi to inform Poorvi that they are going to buy a ring together. Just then, Divya inquires about Khushi’s whereabouts, prompting Vishaka to mention that she heard the sound of a car approaching.

As Khushi enters, she laments over her ruined 55000 Rs dress and explains that it was the first time she had worn it. Despite having other dresses, she reveals that the culprit was Ashutosh’s dirty scooty. Diya jokingly asks if the sight of his muddy scooter gave him a heart attack. Prachi jumps in to defend Ashutosh’s love for his vehicle, while Divya playfully suggests that he loves the scooter more than his wife Poorvi. In Poorvi’s opinion, Ashutosh is a kind person who will surely help her when she becomes a teacher. Diya adds on by asking if he will assist her with household chores as well. Meanwhile, Poorvi takes Khushi’s dupatta to clean it and receives appreciation from Khushi herself. The two of them proceed to talk about Ashutosh, with Khushi expressing her belief that her husband’s money is essentially hers as well.

Poorvi insists on the importance of a girl being self-sufficient. Vishaka arrives and praises Khushi for marrying into wealth. Ashutosh calls out to Poorvi, and Khushi mentions her efforts to marry her off to Varun’s cousin before asking her to let go of Ashutosh. Poorvi emphasizes the significance of love, but Khushi urges her to give up on him. Ashutosh appears and Poorvi expresses the need not to be late. Khushi suggests using Ashutosh’s speedy scooter, which he confirms has been recently serviced. As they exit, Vishaka remarks that not everyone can have the same fate as Khushi. She reflects on how certain aspects of life will not always play out as she would like.

Ashutosh informs Poorvi that Khushi is not fond of him and does not see him as a suitable match. He adds that she comes from a wealthy background and does not respect him. He then proceeds to boast about himself, mentioning how fortunate it was that Khushi ended up with him after the girl he was about to marry ran away. Ashutosh mentions to Poorvi that Khushi was lucky to have snagged someone like him, otherwise she wouldn’t have found anyone else. They both hop on the scooter and depart. Divya suggests that Khushi invite her brother-in-law as well, expressing her desire for Diya to marry into a wealthy family. In response, Khushi reveals that she used to work for a much lower salary than what her servants receive now.

She expresses her joy in marrying Varun and gaining the admiration of everyone. She shares that they have overcome financial struggles and are now in a better place. Divya reassures Khushi that her future generations will be well taken care of. Prachi interrupts, asking Khushi to accompany her to the market and offering to buy something for her. Khushi declines, insisting she doesn’t need anything. Prachi leaves, disappointed. Manpreet reprimands Khushi for rejecting Prachi’s offer and upsetting her. Divya and Vishaka support Khushi’s decision, while she decides to retreat to Divya’s room.

Ashutosh and Poorvi come to the Vada Pave shop. When he and Poorvi ask the vada pav guy to make less spicy vada pav for them, he says no, and asks the guy to make it less spicy for them both. Poorvi says she wants spicy vada pav. A boy comes there and steals vada pav. The seller says he has stolen Ashutosh’s less spicy vada pav. Poorvi gets up to run after him, and the boy comes and falls in front of RV’s car.

As RV kneels down, he prevents the boy from taking the vada pav. The child insists on keeping it and explains that his family is in need of food. When RV asks about his parents, the boy sadly reveals that he has no mother and his father is ill. He was only attempting to provide for them by taking the vada pav. Just then, the seller arrives and praises RV for catching the thief. However, RV intervenes and stops him from labeling the boy as a thief. Instead, he pays for the food and explains that the child is simply hungry. If we call him a thief, those hurtful words will stick with him forever.

Ashutosh reprimands the boy and confiscates the vada pav from him upon arriving. RV intervenes, taking the boy’s side and empathizing that he may have been compelled to steal. Offering his business card, RV assures the boy that his father will be granted a job and asks him to reach out once he has recovered. He then pledges to enroll the boy in school and requests Yug to look after him. Nodding in agreement, Yug receives RV’s instructions. RV hands over some money to the boy and kindly explains that thievery is unacceptable. Overjoyed, the boy is hesitant but ultimately embraces RV, prompting applause from everyone present.

Instead of clapping, RV urges for understanding towards the boy’s situation. He then arranges for the boy to be taken home in an auto and leaves in his own car. Ashutosh explains that he was having a conversation with the boy, who gave him money because he is wealthy. Poorvi joins them at this point. The vada pav seller praises the kind-hearted individual who aided the boy and even reveals that they offered to enroll him in school and provide employment for his father. Poorvi is impressed by his humility. Ashutosh invites Poorvi to join them as they make their way to the jewelry store. However, after looking at various rings presented by the salesman, Ashutosh still does not find one that meets his liking while Poorvi observes with interest.


Prachi decides to return money to KK to fulfill Poorvi’s promise. She comes to Krishna’s house. Ranbir opens the door and asks where she got my address.


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