Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Aryan asks Ranbir why he didn’t tell them about his partnership earlier. Ranbir says I wanted to tell you all, but you were celebrating my birthday and when I saw happy birthday, I remembered Pra…Aryan asks who? Ranbir says no one. He asks if I should call them. Dida says you can call anyone. Aryan says it is a good business deal. Ranbir says he has a special surprise for them.

Khushi is asked by Pallavi, Dida and Aryan. Ranbir says yes. They are all happy. Pallavi says guests will be coming and asks him to help with some arrangements. Pallavi meets Vikram later.

Vikram says thank god I came on time. Pallavi says guests are arriving, you are on time. She asks what your son has done. Vikram says he was born today. Pallavi says he got a big project. He says he is aware.

Vikram gets happy and hopes that everything will turn out well. Pallavi says we’ll have just happiness, someone good has come here, and we got lucky. He asks her why she is silent? Prachi says nothing. He asks her why she was upset at work as well. Prachi assures him everything is fine.

Akshay says he understands somewhat and tells her that he is not like those who force people to talk. He advises her to take her time. He asks where we are going. …Prachi gets Priya’s call and asks him to send the file so that she can send her correction. She is talking with Priya and goes inside Ranbir’s house.

Pallavi sees Khushi and is happy. Vikram is happy to see her happy. Pallavi says I had told you about Khushi. Khushi greets them. Vikram smiles. Laali asks where these flowers should be placed. Pallavi says I will tell you. Pallavi says anything and goes. She asks Laali to do floral decoration here, and Ranbir arrives. Vikram looks at Khushi and says her face looks like Ranbir’s.

As he lifts Khushi into his arms, she gives him a flower with a birthday wish. She says she heard the waiter and cook talking about your birthday and how you are very good, that you take care of everyone, and that you think of everyone, and says she felt good, as if they were talking about her.

Ranbir says he felt from within and thanks her. She asks him to read the predicted message. He reads, “today you will meet your love.”. In response to Ranbir’s question, Khushi says she gives me messages about love because you are like my Parvati. Pallavi arrives and Ranbir asks Laali if he can show Khushi the house. Laali says yes. She thinks he seems rich, so whoever is rich between Shiv and Parvati gets Khushi.

She slips and ends the call without realizing she is in Kohli house. Akshay holds her. Ranbir sees her and recalls taking the promise from her. She wishes Ranbir a happy birthday. Ranbir says today is my birthday, so do not kiss me. She kisses his cheeks and smiles. It turns out to be Ranbir’s imagination.

In the middle of all this, Prachi is still standing with Akshay. Akshay goes to wish Ranbir a happy birthday. Vikram looks at Prachi. Khushi runs over to Prachi and embraces her. Akshay asks Prachi to wish Ranbir happy birthday. Ranbir thanks Prachi for coming. Prachi says she did not know that it was your birthday party, she came for a collaboration party. Prachi becomes emotional and leaves. Vikram learns that Prachi works for Akshay from Ranbir.

When Prachi sees the chair, she gets emotional and recalls Ranbir and her moments. She gets teary-eyed. Pallavi comes over and tells her, “6 years is a long time, I’m not complaining, you’re here and you’re fine.” Pallavi says, “I am standing where you left me.” She says our relationship was not ideal nor cordial, and I realized this when you left from temple without saying anything. Pallavi says it was unexpected for me and thanks you for keeping puja for Ranbir. Prachi says she keeps puja for everyone in the family.

Pallavi says I saw you alive after 6 years when I saw you in PS, and she asks Prachi to move on as well. Prachi agrees. Pallavi thinks about telling Prachi what Khushi means to them someday when she talks to her about their relationship.


As Vikram says to him, Prachi works with Akshay, and you’re going to partner with him. Does he know the history between you and Prachi?

Khushi looks like Ranbir, look closely at her. Prachi hears what Vikram said to his mother.

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