Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th April 2023 Written Update


A shocked Manveer calls Angad to ask where he is. Angad replies that he is at a hospital and tells him that Seerat has attempted suicide. Manveer asks him not to fall for it all and not get involved with fraud Mongas, she is going to pick him up from the hospital.

Sahiba confronts Santosh and Ajith for throwing Seerat out of the house and says Seerat repeatedly apologized to both of them before attempting suicide. Angad asks her not to come there because she gets upset seeing Mongas; he will update her about the truth.

Sahiba says maybe she took this extreme step because of the body she eloped with. Santosh cries and asks why she should not have thrown her out. As Ajith thanks Angad for saving the daughter who betrayed him, Angad says he doesn’t need to thank him. He asks him to return home if he has back pain.

Angad tells him not to worry about him and to go home, he will inform him once Seerat is conscious. Inspector walks in and asks Angad what is he doing here. Angad takes him aside and informs him that Sahiba’s sister is admitted. Inspector asks Seerat, the one who fled during her wedding.

Inspector says he will as it is his duty, he came here to investigate a girl’s suicide attempt. Angad says it’s Seerat. Inspector says Seerat is a regular customer. Sahiba says Seerat fell from the bridge while talking to Angad. Inspector says he has to investigate. Angad says there is no need for that. Inspector says as he says and asks Sahiba to go to the police station and close the missing complaint.

As Garry recalls last night’s incident, he believes Seerat said she would not tell police about him, but if she tells everyone that he provoked her to elope, he will be in serious trouble. At the hospital, Sahiba asks the doctor about Seerat’s condition. The doctor says Seerat is out of danger. The doctor says she can’t meet her now since she’s resting. Santosh thanks God. Keerat offers her water. Sahiba thanks Angad for stopping the inspector from filing police complaints.

Sahiba asks Angad if he is in his senses, he always reacts negatively. He accuses her of provoking Seerat to attempt suicide. He says he saw how she was fighting with Seerat and said something that made her jump from the bridge. Sahiba warns him not to speak without knowing the truth. Angad says let Seerat wake up and tell the truth him.

Jasleen says Angad might be in Sahiba’s room the next morning. Garry yawns. Jaspal asks her to stop worrying about Angad and focus on her son. Jaspal says he is busy with everything but work. Jasleen says she is saying this because Angad walked out of Sahiba’s room the last time. Manveer says he is not in Sahiba’s room, so Jasleen should keep her comments to herself.

Garry gets nervous hearing that Seerat had attempted suicide, and Angad saved her. Jasleen comments that maybe Seerat was dumped by her boyfriend and she attempted suicide to avoid humiliation. The maid says she already packed food for Angad and Saiba. Garry walks out hurriedly. Jasleen stops him and asks if he is involved with Seerat’s drama.

As he reaches the hospital, he tells Angad that he heard about Seerat and brought food for him; he asks Angad to go to client meetings and let him handle this. According to Angad, Garry is capable of handling meetings, so he will remain here until Seerat wakes up so that he can question her.

Sahiba asks Seerat how she is doing. Seerat tells Angad that she wants to talk to him alone. He asks why she said yes when he asked over if she loved him. Seerat says she didn’t say that. Sahiba accepts her response.

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