Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th Jan 2023 Written Episode Update


Angad humiliates Sahiba in Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th January 2023

In an emotional blackmail, Santosh demands Sahiba teach Seerat giddha/dance and assist her in trapping the rich boy. After Sahiba refuses, Santosh continues her emotional blackmail. Keerat suggests she does not fall victim to mummy’s emotional blackmail. Sahiba agrees and tells Seerat she will stand far from the stage and teach her. Thanks to God, Santosh teaches Seerat giddha. Keerat taunts her. Veer sings a Punjabi song on stage and entertains everyone. Angad announces the Gidda competition.

Gurleen jots down the names of the participants and Seerat registers her name along with the others. Santosh requests her to pick up a turmeric-smeared musical instrument, which Gurleen does before walking on stage and summoning all of the competitors. With joyfulness in his voice, Santosh dispatches Seerat on stage, where the guests remark that they have not seen her prior. As Seerat copies Sahiba’s moves from afar and performs Giddha skillfully, Angad meticulously observes. Harleen then remarks to Barfreer that this is the first time he has seen Angad stare at a girl so intently, to which he replies that he is merely observing as a judge. Angad notices Seerat glancing elsewhere, causing him to turn; Saiba hides in response.

Seerat and other competitors perform with musical instruments. Santosh remembers how she spoiled the other contestants’ instruments in order to give her daughter an advantage; all the contenders concede defeat and leave, however, Seerat continues to dance. She then invites Angad onto the stage and they start to dance together. Just then, Sahiba notices a pin on the ground and quickly snatches it up before Seerat steps on it causing her to slip, however, Angad is quick to catch her. After this, he begins to berate Sahiba for coming back to Brar mansion after leaving earlier with a vow that she would never return; this baffles Santosh who wonders why Sahiba has made such an unexpected return. Although Keerat becomes angry with Angad for his impolite behaviour towards Sahiba, Santosh quickly stops her due to Angad’s genuine worry for Seerat.

Veer informs Angad that he has invited Sahiba and implores him to treat her with respect. However, the arrogant rich man continues to belittle her, but she retaliates with a suitable retort. Kiara then attempts to join in and also receives an equally fitting response from Sahiba before walking over to Seerat and enquiring if she is okay. Angad yells at her not to attempt familiarity with his visitors. Seerat sternly instructs her to stop creating a scene and depart the premises. Sahiba stands dumbfounded.

Sanotosh shouts at Sahia, who she is, to get out of there. Seerat twists her leg as he lifts her, takes her to his room, and applies ice to her ankle. Santosh peeps into Angad’s room. Barfreer catches her and sends him away. Seerat hides her earring under Angad’s pillow in preparation to see him again.

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