Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 6th March 2023 Written episode update

The episode began with Muskaan taking care of Abhir, getting water for him. Kairav arrived and hugged Abhir, before also collecting water for him. Muskaan and Kairav collided while she was delivering the liquid medication to Abhir, who refused to take it. She then offered him a chocolate as an incentive and Kairav flatly told him to consume the syrup in one go. After that, he left the room.

Abhimanyu and Manjiri argued. She pointed out he had uttered Akshara’s name instead of Aarohi’s in the puja, to which he could not recall. She persisted that it was good Aarohi did not hear it as Abhimanyu had yet to move on from his strong affection for Akshara. How could he fill Aarohi’s maang with sindoor when his former love seemed to be standing in their way? Manjiri reminded him that Akshara already had a husband and child, a family who were complete and happy, but Abhimanyu alone remained incomplete. He recollected her arrival with Abhinav at the Pooja, and he silently thought of what Manjiri said to her when she had carried the Kalash.

As Akshara checks Abhir’s temperature, Manish is pleased he doesn’t have a fever. He asks Abhir to rest. Abhir runs to play. He says Aarohi called and asked about you, saying she apologized for whatever Manjiri did. She says she is sorry for whatever Manjiri did. Akshara says Manjiri and her pain are big, and it’s hard to talk sweetly with those they hold responsible, but I have no complaints. Manish asks her when did you become so sensible? She says though pain is not outs, we should respect it.

Abhinav suggests Abhir to take a break and they have some fun. Akshara flashes a smile as Manish mentions that Aarohi had informed him of how Abhinav stood by her. She agrees, adding that he is constantly in her corner. Manish points out that it is important to show one’s loyalty towards family and destiny; who would have imagined Abhimanyu would abandon her like this? Akshara requests him not to revisit the past, insisting that although the bond between them was strong, the storm proved too much and their relationship crumbled.

Manish says when you told me about Abhinav, I thought you had compromised because of circumstances, but now I know he loves you and respects you a lot. Akshara is shocked to hear that.

In his room, Abhimanyu finds a box. He reads the note he wrote for Akshara. He cries.

Akshara arrives at Abhir and Abhinav’s room. Upon finding a box with a pair of earrings, she spots an accompanying note that reads, “Akshara ji, I know I spent money without your permission and that scared me; our lifelong relationship has been so important to me as you have brought so many people into my life when I was alone. Greedily, I desired to take this connection one step further, deep down knowing what your answer would be. Nevertheless, here I am writing it all out, not intending for you to even read it.” She is taken aback by finding this and gazes at Abhinav in shock.

Abhimanyu tells himself I know you aren’t with me, but why are your memories coming back to me?

Abhimanyu says I had one dream, we’d be together forever. He imagines Akshara in the room. He smiles and gives her the gift, saying, “I got this for you.” Aarohi asks really. He is shocked to see Aarohi. The takes the chain saying it is very pretty, when did you get it, it’s a sweet surprise, thanks. He is about to reply when Roohi walks in. Abhimanyu departs.

Aarohi shows Roohi the gift Abhimanyu has given her. Roohi says it’s pretty.

Akshara puts the note and earrings box back in Abhinav’s bag and calls out to him. He says yes, appreciates that you called me – otherwise, Abhir was going to defeat me and my house would be ruined. She suggests they drop the ‘ji’, so they can show respect and know each other even better. Abhinav is stunned and requests for her to repeat what she said; she clarifies that they should only be Akshara and Abhinav, to which he agrees instantly. She adds that ‘ji’ is cancelled, just Akshara while he follows with a reply of ‘just Abhinav’.

Precap: Abhimanyu is hospitalized.

Upon stopping the car, Abhimanyu rushes out and is hit by a truck. Muskaan sees this and alerts everyone of Abhimanyu’s accident. Akshara runs to Abhimanyu and cries. Surekha says they were separated from each other for such a long time and now they are close again. They have the same relationship, but what is this relationship called? Manjiri cries for Abhimanyu, who is in the hospital.

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