Agnisakshi 18th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 18th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Pradeep pulling Satvik aside to have a conversation with him. Sukanya inquires with Manohar about whether Jeevika’s in-laws have departed. Curious, Jeevika asks who is arriving. Sukanya explains that it is everyone, as this will be Jeevika’s first Satyanarayan Puja since getting married and requests her assistance. Jagdish accuses Satvik of pressuring Jeevika into hurting herself to save him. He questions why Jeevika would fall down the stairs when she has been climbing them since she was young. Jagdish wonders if Satvik has made it his mission to harm her at every opportunity and for eternity.

The two are standing on the bridge. Mr. Vohra comes by. Rajnandini tells him that Savitri textiles is also targeting the international market. She asks if you are listening. He says he wants to fly and says I’m already impressed. He says you might have something exciting for me. She says she’ll make the person who tries to get close fall down. Rajnandini says she won’t let Satvik win. He said he likes challenges and gives her money. She says she won’t let Satvik win.

Rajnandini tells Shlok and Aadhya to meet Jeevika and they are happy to meet her. Narayan and his family come to Manohar’s house. Satvik is standing on a terrace of a building. Jeevika looks for him. Juhi asks if he left you and ran away. Rajnandini pretends to scold her. Satvik is talking to Manas and telling him what Pradeep told him. Jeevika arrives and asks Satvik to stop.

Rajnandini and Juhi were caught up in a gossip session when Pallavi intervened, requesting them to stop and leave. Jeevika later confides in Satvik that Manas had informed her of his presence, and questions if their marriage is causing any kind of burden on them. She shares her concern of him attempting suicide, but Rajnandini assures that Satvik should be present at the moment. Jeevika scolds Satvik for his behavior and fears the constant fights between them. She promises to not let their family suffer because of their issues, and promises to handle it the right way. However, Satvik disagrees about revealing the truth to their father during such a crucial time. This leads Jeevika to worry about her parents’ reaction as well. Pallavi chimes in again, stating that Satvik must stay there. Meanwhile, Pradeep wonders where Jeevika is, and Narayan informs him that she was previously present but seems to have left now. Juhi also asks if Jeevika has left along with Pallavi’s remark about Satvik’s presence being necessary.

Rajnandini shares that Jeevika left because she couldn’t handle the criticism from their neighbors about her husband. Jeevika reminds Satvik that his absence at the puja would reflect poorly on her parents. Satvik quickly calls Manas to bring everything they need within 15 minutes. Jeevika teases him, thinking he ordered groceries, but Satvik clarifies it’s for their friends. They return home and Satvik asks where to put the items, but gets scolded by Narayan. Jeevika covers for him, saying he went to get Shrikand and puri to spare her mother the trouble. They then proceed to the puja, relieved that they have managed to minimize the damage caused by their absence.

They are calm after puja, Narayan tells Manohar. Rajnandini tells Jeevika that she will tell the driver to keep her stuff in the car. Pradeep says Jeevika will stay only here. Pallavi asks Jeevika to pack her stuff. Satvik says Jeevika will stay here. Pradeep says Jeevika will go to her Savitri Nivas.

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