Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with the lady inquiring Abhir about his parents’ contact information. Abhinav offers to take Akshara to the hospital. Aarohi, being a doctor herself, assures that she can provide the necessary care for Akshara and emphasizes the importance of her son’s presence. She requests Abhir to bring him to her. After Abhinav departs, the lady suggests that he join them for a meal and encourages him to share his parents’ story whenever he feels comfortable. Abhinav shares that his wife and child are his only family, expressing how devastated he would be if anything were to happen to them. Abhir urges them to join him in finding Abhir and they all leave together. Meanwhile, Manjiri tends to Akshara’s feet while crying.

Manish inquires about the current situation. Suwarna swiftly approaches Akshara and inquires about her well-being. Manish points out that she has caused her immense pain, but her remorse will not change anything. Suwarna suggests taking Akshara home, but Aarohi, the doctor, insists on waiting for Abhir to arrive. Meanwhile, Abhir eats hastily as a man asks him about his parents. The woman advises letting him finish eating first. Abhimanyu returns home, desperately looking for Akshara. Manjiri informs him that she is with Aarohi and asks about Abhir’s whereabouts. Abhimanyu expresses his failure in finding him and tears stream down Manjiri’s face. Anand comforts her while Manish berates Abhimanyu for not trying hard enough and demands more efforts from him. The man prods Abhir to share information about his parents as he reveals their names and contact details before mentioning that they reside in Kasauli due to Akshara’s illness.

The lady says you came from afar. She asks the man to call them. Abhir says I want to go to the washroom. He goes. Akshara’s phone rings, Aarohi picks it up. The lady stops the man and says the boy’s picture. Abhimanyu introduces himself and says my son is missing. The lady says the boy is Dr. Birla’s son. Abhimanyu says I’ll give the person who helps me find Abhir 50 lakhs. Abhir looks on and thinks if they take me to Abhimanyu, I won’t be able to reach Akshara.

After waking up and surveying the room, Akshara announces that she needs to go locate Abhir. Manish intervenes while Aarohi offers to accompany her and reminds her to take her medication and eat. However, Akshara refuses, citing a promise she made to Kanha ji. She disregards their pleas and Abhinav enlists the help of the driver who provides information about Abhir. He assures Abhinav of his prayers for the safe return of his son. Meanwhile, Abhinav contacts the inspector to access CCTV footage in search of clues. His thoughts are consumed with worry for Akshara and Abhir’s well-being. On the other hand, Abhimanyu dutifully takes his medicine but insists on seeing Akshara despite Manjiri’s advice to rest. Over at the house, a woman plans to renovate it while a man phones for information from Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu suspects the situation may involve Abhir. The woman inquires about the boy’s whereabouts, as he is not in the bathroom. After searching, they spot Abhir walking on the road and contemplate seeking help from a nearby uncle. However, Abhimanyu expresses his unease about the situation. Suddenly, Abhir falls and pleads to Lord Shiva to reunite him with his mother. Manish reminds Akshara that she must eat for Abhir’s sake, but ends up scolding her. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu stands outside, while Akshara reluctantly agrees to eat. He signals to her discreetly and quickly leaves. Concerned family members wonder why he ran off and if he found out anything about Abhir’s whereabouts. Suwarna instructs Aarohi to give medicine, while Akshara flees from the scene.

Seeing the rains, Akshara thinks my son is outside. Maunjiri says, “Listen, you’re not okay.”. Abhimanyu takes the car. He says I’ll come find him. She says never, he’s lost because of you. They argue. Abhimanyu lifts her and apologizes. He locks the door and makes her sit in it. She tells him to open it, but he says to go find him. They leave. Abhir gets hurt. He remembers Akshara’s words and says, “Write a message, use anything, and ask for help.”.


Akshara and Abhimanyu find Abhir. Akshara hugs Abhir. Abhinav meets with an accident. Akshara worries about Abhinav.

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