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The Episode begins with Kavya requesting Giriraj to arrange for an electricity supply at the orphanage, mentioning that the children will pray for him. Adi interrupts and convinces her to leave, warning her not to get involved with Giriraj. He justifies his actions by claiming that he is protecting her. Kavya questions whether he is really trying to save her or if he is just protecting his father’s reputation. Adi defends himself, stating that she never gave him a chance to explain and reminding her of their friendship and the importance of trust in it. After being pushed away by Kavya, Adi is taken aback as she accuses him of lying either to her or himself. She brings up the permit game incident and how his decision caused her father’s arrest. Adi is left stunned by her accusation.

He inquires what happened. She confirms that they found Navya’s coat and everyone was overjoyed. However, she also mentions that there was some drama involved and unfortunately, her father was arrested for taking a bribe. She sarcastically tells him to be happy now. Anjali then expresses her gratitude towards Shubh for standing by them. He reassures her that everything will eventually improve. Gauri chimes in, reminding them that they have each other’s support and Jaideep will arrive soon. She suggests leaving and sending food instead. Shubh decides to stay until Kavya arrives because Anjali is alone at home. Mayank offers to stay with his mother while Shubh leaves with Gauri. Anjali becomes angry with Mayank but Shubh intervenes and suggests having tea instead. He then volunteers to drop off Anjali’s mother before returning.

Gauri assures you that you are making the right decision, and Kavya will eventually understand. Shubh genuinely disagrees, insisting that he is not pretending. However, Adi insists that he had no involvement in the situation and pleads for Kavya to listen. Despite his explanation, Kavya accuses him of seeking revenge and bringing harm to her father. Adi questions how she could think so poorly of him, but Kavya maintains her distrust and regrets ever crossing paths with him.

As she exits in tears, Malini inquires about the cause of her distress. Kavya responds with a negative answer and Malini follows up by asking if Kavya is upset with her. Kavya clarifies that it’s not specifically about Malini, but rather how the people we trust can hurt us deeply and the wounds don’t easily heal. During their conversation, Adi’s name is brought up and Kavya denies any involvement on his part. She then takes her leave. Meanwhile, Giriraj is involved in a phone call when Adi enters and angrily throws the phone away. A heated argument ensues between Adi and Giriraj until Omi interrupts with negative comments towards Kavya. This leads to a physical fight which is halted by Giriraj who instructs Omi to leave the room. Omi complies and exits.

One of my sons is loyal, another is smart, Omi is loyal, but Adi, I doubt your intelligence. He says I’m not a fool to forget the real issue, so tell me why you did this. Giriraj says there’s no proof of the girl’s innocence, where does the proof come from? He lies to Adi. He says, “Do good to someone, you’re the power minister, give power to the orphanage.” Alka’s poor English makes the children laugh. Omi scolds her for it. Kavya supports Alka, and Alka thanks her. Malini smiles.

The kids thank Giriraj and hug him. He says I got the electricity to the orphanage. Kavya smiles. She tells them to sit in the bus. Everyone goes. Giriraj asks you what did you get from this. We got the electricity, and my dad will also return. I know you are retaliating against him. He says nice story, did you have a proof? She says yes, I’ll get it, I’ll prove it, I’ll find that order. She goes.

Adi listens as Malini questions Giriraj’s actions, calling them “disgusting.” He reassures her to forget it and not trust Giriraj, warning that he may take his anger out on her. Seeing Malini in tears, Adi comforts her and she brings up Kavya – noting the good qualities she possesses and how she will stand tall by his side. However, Adi disagrees, acknowledging that Kavya wants nothing to do with him because of what he has done. He reflects on how much he has hurt her and how she always puts others first, even in the midst of her own struggles. He recognizes this as a tragic reality of his life and suggests he should go tell Kavya about it, offering to help in any way she needs during this difficult time.


In the office, Giriraj tells Joshi to burn all the papers. Joshi burns the papers. Kavya meets someone.

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