Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Bhavani accuses Harini of helping Savi elope, Harini says she went to get lemons and didn’t find Savi in her room when she got back. Then Bhavani accuses Ashwini. As Ashwini claims she obeyed Bhavani’s orders and even performed rituals on drunk Samrudh, Bhavani is accusing her wrongly. Bavani is accused by Mandar and his wife of helping her granddaughter elope and acting in public.

She denies the charges. Vinu returns and says he couldn’t find Savi anywhere, so she must have gone to Isha’s house. Samrudh returns and says he couldn’t find Savi anywhere. He slaps Vinu repeatedly and asks where Savi is. Ninad protects Vinu, pushes Samrudh away, and warns him not to touch his grandson. Vinu hides behind Ninad as a coward. Samrudh attempts to attack Ninad. Mandar stops him from attacking Ninad.

Yashwanth stops the family from worrying about Ishan’s burning of Riva’s photo and tells him to let out his frustration with her and get Riva out of his heart forever. He then applies ointment to Ishan’s hand burn and advises him to get Riva out of his heart forever but never hurt himself in the process.

When Shantanu returns to his room and sees Ishan’s condition, he breaks down in tears. As their son needs her most, he looks at Isha’s photo and hopes that she can come for a while. Isha calls him just then. Shocked, he picks the phone and tells him she called for professional favors. She says she called for professional help and asks if he won’t ask how he is. She says she called for professional assistance and will disconnect if he talks personal. He asks what she needs.

According to the speaker, a student named Savi Chavan received a scholarship from Bhosale Institute, but was unable to meet the admission deadline. As a result, the speaker wants someone to assist Savi in gaining admission to the institute. The other person responds by stating that he is not solely responsible for admissions and there is a proper protocol that must be followed. Threatening to end the call, the speaker urges him to help and mentions sending Savi to Bhosale Institute by 5 p.m. tomorrow, with assurance that her brilliance will secure her admission. She adds that she is sending Savi on the last bus. The other person attempts to mention something about Ishan, but before he can finish, the speaker cuts him off, stating that she does not wish to discuss personal matters.

Isha gave a letter to Savi and requested that she deliver it to Shantu before 5 p.m. the next day. Later, Mandar, his goons, Bhavani, and Vinu arrived at Isha’s house, knocking on the door. Upon hearing Samdrudh’s voice, Savi informed Isha and peeked through the window to confirm their presence. Samdrudh then proceeded to threaten Vinu and his family if he did not get Savi. In response, Savi attempted to escape through the back window. Realizing this, Bhavani suggested that they check the backdoor as Savi was known to run away from there. Meanwhile, Isha and Savi hid in cupboards while Mandar and his goons broke open the door and searched throughout the house for Savi. As Vinu reached for one of the cupboards, ready to open it.


Ishan tells Riva he hates his mother for leaving him when he needed her most. Riva also did that to him, so he asks her to leave and never come back. Isha asks Shantanu for one last favor, relating to Savi and Ishan.

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