Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st October 2023: Job Hunt and Tensions Rise


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After reading Ishan’s message, Savi envisions him standing before her. He mentions sending her some study materials he used to pass the UPSC exam successfully, books that have been proven effective and will undoubtedly aid her. Savi playfully refers to him as her chidkiya (a nickname), acknowledging his unpredictable nature. She confesses many worries, including raising money for Harini and dealing with a growling stomach. However, Ishan kindly reminds her that he is offering his help as a friend, not a coach. He encourages her to read the books and utilize their resources. With a smile, Savi snaps out of her daydreaming state.

Yashwant calls Patil/Mandar and asks his opinion on Sam and Durva’s alliance. Patil says Sam likes Durva a lot, and it’s yes from their side. Now, the ball is in Yashwant’s court. A sakarpuda ritual will be performed after the festival of Diwali, Patil says. Festivals will occur, but they’ll do the ritual before then, and Patil disconnects the phone call.

When Samrudh asks Patil why he is so impatient, Patil says he spent the money he got on renting the house, buying Sam’s car, and paying Leela’s fees, so they need to hurry before the money is gone. As Samrudh tells him not to worry, Durva will believe only him and not even God if he influences her so much.

When Ashwini calls Savi, she asks if she has food. Savi wonders how Aaji discovered she was hungry. Ashwini says she has prepared her favorite food for her birthday in a week and will continue to have food with her as usual. She asks her to switch on the video call and have food with her. Savi picks up a biscuit packet and says a network problem prevents her from switching on the video call. She asks about Azazoba Ninad.

Ashwini mentions his typical memory lapses, where he recalls some things but forgets others. He believes that Virat and Sai will return soon, and he also remembers that Savi is pursuing her dreams in Pune. Savi inquires about badi aaji Bhavani, to which Ashwini responds that she has been quiet since her return and hasn’t scolded anyone. Savi notes that Badi Aaji supported Kiran in the past and continues to do so. Meanwhile, Ashwini asks about the noise coming from Savi’s end, and she shares that she’s enjoying fritters. In light of this, Ashwini promises to perform a pooja for her the next day before ending the call.

After searching for a teaching job the next day, Savi is rejected due to her young age and other reasons. Navya invites Savi to the canteen during lunch break. Savi says she needs to study and sends her away. She applies for a teaching job online and hopes to find one soon. Durva’s friends taunt her at dance practice. After a break, Ishan begins his class.

Savi gets busy reading a message from Kalra’s coaching classes and smiles. Ishan notices that and scolds her. When Savi asks if she can excuse herself, Ishan allows her. After an hour, Savi calls Kalra’s coaching classes and is invited for an interview. She returns to class. She rushes out immediately after Ishan’s class ends, leaving Ishan fuming.

A coach offers her a job after praising her academic achievement. Savi gets happy and asks when she can begin teaching. The boss says it’s a different job. Savi says she has the class to attend now. If she wants the job, she must accept it now. Savi agrees. Ishan restarts class and finds Savi missing. Ayush jokes that she is tired of studying now. Ishan warns him not to joke on Savi since she must be working on essential tasks.

After class, Prateek meets Ishan and jokes that if he gets tired of him, he is searching for a girl. It was Surekha’s idea. Prateek asks if Savi accepted his friendship. He says Savi is ungrateful to him because she skipped his classes and ignored him. Surekha calls him and informs him he will meet a girl this Saturday.


Harini informs Savi that she must pay 3 months’ rent of 45000 rs within a week. Savi seeks a job from a suspicious lady who tells her that it’s risky and she can’t meet anyone until it is completed.

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