Suhaagan 24th November 2023: Bindiya’s Revelation Shocks Krish


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The Episode starts with Nidhi asking Payal to come fast and saying that if anyone comes to know, there will be problems. She says she has forgotten her phone in her room, and tells Payal to go, saying she will come. During Nidhi’s question, Payal says the taxi is waiting. She tells Nidhi that drivers and servants are like wolves and can ruin them. Indu asks Payal to tell her where she is going alone. She asks if she needs anything. Payal responds that she is going to a doctor. Indu asks why she is going alone.

Payal had informed Krish about the plan, but unfortunately, he was preoccupied with work. Indu then offered to take Payal to their destination. Curious, Payal asked why Indu was willing to put in all the effort. In response, Indu reassured her that not only would she take her today, but she would also always be there for her. However, an accident occurred during their conversation, and Payal quickly dismissed it as excitement before asking Nidhi to sit down. She expressed relief that Mummy Ji had not sustained significant injuries and mentioned that she wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t necessary. Indu then suggested Nidhi accompany Payal instead, but Nidhi pretended to decline and advised them to send Sakshi instead. However, Payal informed them that Sakshi was occupied with club duties and instructed the servant to take care of Mummy Ji while they left together.

Upon receiving Payal’s call, Krish tells Nidhi that he will arrive in 20 minutes. Payal says we’ll be there in 15 minutes. Nidhi asks Krish if he knows about it. Payal says she will make him discover what I want him to do. Pankaj calls her as she stops at the signal. Bindiya says she will care for her and asks him to be with Maa ji. After parking her scooter and getting inside, she parks it.

Payal and Nidhi arrived at the hospital, where the nurse met them. Together, they enter the Doctor’s cabin. Meanwhile, Bindiya notices that Krish has come to the hospital and quickly hides. Krish inquires about Payal from the receptionist before heading into the Doctor’s cabin. The Doctor is curious about his identity, to which Payal clarifies that he is the father of her baby. Krish expresses his desire to see the baby, but Payal feels embarrassed. Fortunately, the Doctor suggests that they can view the scan on a nearby screen instead. Agreeing with this solution, Krish joins Payal and Nidhi as they proceed inside for the scan.

In a fake scan, Payal tells Krish that it is his baby and he will call him Papa. Nidhi sees Payal using her. Krish is happy. Bindiya, dressed as a nurse, finds Nidhi’s scan done. As she drops the tray, Payal gets doubtful. Bindiya cleans the floor and leaves. After 2 weeks, the doctor asks Payal to come back. Bindiya collides with Krish. Krish sees her.

Payal intercepts Bindiya and halts her movement. She then asks Bindiya to face Krish and asks if he recognizes the nurse. Revealing her identity by removing her mask, Bindiya’s presence startles Krish. Payal smirks in satisfaction. Uttering Bindiya’s name in disbelief, Krish inquires about her unexpected appearance and nurse attire. Accusingly, Payal declares that Bindiya has been sent as a spy to gather information on her activities and reminds him of her previous warning about Bindiya’s supposed memory loss. Disillusioned by this revelation, Krish refers to it as a significant betrayal. Promptly, Bindiya clarifies that she has come to uncover the truth and has succeeded in doing so. Curious, Krish asks for further explanation.

Bindiya informs the group that Nidhi is expecting rather than Pallu. She witnessed Nidhi’s scan being conducted by a doctor, not Payal. Bindiya urges them to verify with Nidhi. Amused, Payal applauds and jests at Bindiya’s penchant for fabricating stories. The peon interjects and suggests they take their conversation elsewhere. Payal continues to mock Bindiya, accusing her of being a dishonest person. Just then, Nidhi arrives, questioning why Bindiya is dressed as a nurse. Payal warns against believing Bindiya’s lies as it may cause trauma. Confused, Nidhi asks for clarification, and Payal explains how Bindiya had claimed she was pregnant. Bindiya prods Nidhi to confirm the news, but Nidhi dismisses it and affirms that she would have already shared the news with everyone if she were genuinely pregnant.

Bindiya claims Nidhi is being untruthful. Krish interrupts, stating that Bindiya believes she is always right and everyone else is wrong. Bindiya clarified that Nidhi was having a scan done. Nidhi presents the file with Payal’s name on it. Payal reveals that she had fake CT scan results, thinking it would prove her report wrong. Krish becomes angry at Bindiya for betraying him and accusing Payal of faking a pregnancy. The nurse asks them to leave and have their conversation outside. Krish announces that a final decision will be made today before storming off. Payal informs Bindiya that Krish went into a rage and urges her to talk to Chirayya before she faces his wrath.


Bindya comes home and says, “Congratulations, Krish. You’re going to be a father, and I’m going to be a mother!”

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